Letter to the Editor

Fundraiser was a success

Sunday, August 7, 2011

To the Editor:

This is what we are all about.

On Saturday, July 30, the family of young Blake Wharton was given a benefit dinner at the V.F.W. to help them raise enough money to send him to Washington D.C., for the Junior National Young Leaders Conference.

With the help of this great community in its participation in the spaghetti dinner and people like The Brazil Times in its good advertisement of this event, it was a great success.

All the food was donated by or through people like Brian Wyndham, MaryAnn Winegar, the Ladies Auxiliary and the V.F.W.

There was much help from their friends in the preparation of the food, such as Toni, Karen, Troy and Randy.

Of course, there were more than I can remember and for that, forgive me. It has something to do with my age.

But I was able to help in many ways and this made me extremely happy to know that I played a small part with the help of the V.F.W. in raising almost two-thirds of what Blake and his family will need to go to the capitol.

But again, as usually, without the help of the community and the needed backing it got, I would not be writing the letter.

So this kudos goes out to all of you and anyone I may have missed. You deserve the pats on the back.

I know this will be an experience that Blake will not forget and hope to see him one day as a leader of our community.

Bob Bigley,

V.F.W. Post Commander 1127,