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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last week, the Verizon repairman came to the little blue house at the end of the road to restore our service. He discovered that lightning struck the main connection box located at the Lynch homestead and fried the line that leads to the box located on this house 50-feet away from the source of the trouble.

The young man restored my land phone service and promised that the line strung out across the big yard will be buried within 14 days. I hope the strike does not effect that plan.

I am sure glad that we had our wits about us when we cut the tough, high and dry grass at the homestead yesterday. The long white line is unscathed and fine!

Now we need to deal with more line this week when we continue the lawn care project on the rest of our property located here.

The fishing pole is getting dusty and the pink and white bike sits idle, nearby. I do not know when either will be in use. There is so much to do.

I received a box of beautiful mountain blueberries in the mail last week. I was anxious to taste test the berries, a first for this old country girl.

Well, I was not the least bit disappointed, but pondered on what to do with them. Then, I decided to concoct a mixture consisting of sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg in a small bowl and set it aside. I placed a heaping cup of gently crushed fruit into another small bowl and proceeded to search out a little lemon. None could be found.

I then spotted the Welch grape juice that I purchased to make grape jelly, while waiting for my vines to give back.

I silently said to myself, "This substitution will suffice! I'll have a tablespoon and a drop or two more of that," then poured it over the berries and smothered them in the dry mixture.

This thirsty cook grabbed up a small glass from the cabinet and poured "yours truly" a jigger of the cold juice and sent it down the shoot. Then, I prepared a delicate vanilla pie filling and allowed it time to cool and chill.

I placed the berry mixture in the bottom of a flaky pie shell baked earlier. Next , in went the creamy filling. The pie had a place waiting for it in the fridge.

That evening, at dinner the creation received favorable remarks from both sides of the table. Yum!

Should I have a lemon on hand next time? I don't think so. Maybe, wine would be a nice exchange!

The cinematographer of our family received good news this week. Our grandson, Daniel Risk is interning at Katalyst Films in West Hollywood, Ca. The production company of actor/producer Ashton Kutcher.

Ashton is Charlie Sheen's replacement in "Two-and-A-Half Men" this upcoming season of the TV show. He is also the husband of Demi Moore.

Dan's talented wife, Amber will be a dance extra in the new series "Mobbed," coming to Fox this fall.

Starla enjoyed the game of golf this last weekend, in Phoenix. She reported the temperature there was 110 degrees.

Last week I received a special gift. She purchased a beautiful table scarf during her recent visit to the Isle of Crete. The breath-taking linen scarf fit my tiger oak table perfectly and the deep crotchet edging on the piece reminded me of my grandmother Siner's crochet work. The pineapple pattern was a favorite that served her well.

We were grateful for each and every piece our maternal grandmother gave to us. The assorted few of her works that reached my hands have withstood the tests of time, beautifully and rarely hang out in the cedar chest.

My sister inherited her talents and adds to my collection, often. We would be most interested in finding out more about the ribbon work incorporated into the piece from Crete. The bouquets of silk pastel roses fashioned from interwoven ribbons are exquisite. Could anyone enlighten Sandra and I how the aforementioned is accomplished (instructions)?

The Sartor family send our condolences to the family of Fred McDonald. Freddie lived in the Alabama Street neighborhood for several years, near our previous home. He was a schoolmate of mine. We will remember our friend well.

Thanks for the reader related calls last week. I inherited the gift of chat from my father.

I can be reached by phone at 812 - 446- 4852 or by e-mail at pmlsartor@aol.com.