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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two generous sized loaves of warm zucchini bread laced with walnuts and raisins rest on the cooling racks on the counter. Mary Lou's own tasty spaghetti sauce that I prepared earlier from homegrown vegetables, spices and other ingredient slow simmers on the stove.

My kitchen is spick-and-span and smells of sugar and spice and everything nice!

The clothes that I washed and dried earlier have been folded and neatly placed in the proper places.

Paul and Tootie Mae are taking life easy. They are watching a 1941 movie titled," Dive Bombers.'' They will follow Errol Flynn around for the next two hours. Then again, those two may sleep throughout the best part of the old movie.

Therefore, with all of that said and done, this is our time, you and me!

I hope last week was good for you. Cooler temperatures sure have been a relief.

We could use some rain. It does not appear that will happen this Sunday afternoon.

Our garden hasn't been lucky lately. Aside of the root vegetables and a few tomatoes and peppers, the rest is pretty much history. However, we are still cheering for the struggling green beans.

After that last taste of moisture reached the roots, they sprung to attention. The healthy green plant's blooms were dancing in the breeze when I checked!

Rain eluded us last night, but I worried. I heard about the horrific accident that occurred at the Sugarland concert at Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. My grandchildren were there.

Our eldest grandson, Michael Risk and his wife Kayleigh planned to celebrate a portion of their first anniversary of marriage at the fair. I thought they might have been at the concert.

This morning I learned that other loved ones were at the fair Saturday evening.

Our granddaughter, Lindsay Terry and her family were visiting the FFA building at the opposite end of the fairgrounds. They sheltered themselves from the rain and strong wind. The Terry family are safe.

However, the wind proved be of lesser strength than felt by Sugarland fans on site of the natural disaster.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of the injured and deceased and, furthermore; From afar, I send gentle hugs to comfort all.

Understandably, Sugarland canceled their scheduled concert at the Iowa State Fair. The talented duo are devastated and heartbroken, by the tragedy, as well.

Friday evening company called on the folks that live in the little blue house at the end of the road. Our dinner guests were granddaughter, Sarah Peace, her husband Will and our great grandsons, Caden and Leland.

Our granddaughter, Elizabeth Cory and her fiancÚ Jake Barbee of Blacksburg, Virginia were present also.

The young women are the daughters of Lori Sartor Patrick and the late Bruce Cory.

Sarah is due to deliver her baby girl anytime. Lizzie and Jake wanted to be there for her this weekend, but the blessed event did not occur.

The youthful couple are now on their way back to their jobs and college life. They are seniors at Virginia Tech this school year.

After dinner, we went outside to walk around the big yard and settle our stomachs. I am not sure that worked for Sarah and baby Madison and can't speak for the rest, but a short walk after dinner always does wonders for me. Besides, it was a busy day.

Jake is interested in protection and conservation of our natural resources. He studies forestry, trees and plant life and wildlife, in particular, large animals,

Of course, Whitetail deer is the largest wild animals in my woods and garden.

I enjoyed hearing about the black bears and other wildlife that inhabit the area where he lives and thereabouts.

The intelligent young gentleman would never buy the rumored Big Foot sightings by some, nor believe that a wolf-like animal lives among the coyotes in the spills of our deep woods.

Maybe next time we can go on a nature hunt and track one or the other. I know the way--been there and done that!

Our large yard is full of interesting plant life, native trees, bugs, toads and other small wildlife, including, snakes and lizards. He pointed some of them out to Sarah's and Will's boys. A tiny toad played hide and seek with the curious little observers, to their delight.

Grandma felt as if the late Emery Jenkins be by my side telling me what he knew about the contents of my collection of plants, butterflies, wildflowers and autumn leaves of many colors, then adding information to my learning experience.

The works were collected and taken from this yard and these woods, many years ago. I remember with gratitude that wonderful biology teacher and family friend.

I learned to differentiate between the edible plants, the poisonous and so much other worthwhile information from my mentors, in that regard. Never did I know that the day lily stem is edible.

Several clusters of the plant are on this property. Jake grabbed a blade and took a bite from the bottom portion. He said that it tastes like celery.

This nature lover doubts if she will ever consume much of that; but if the economy worsens, I may be forced to add it to my survival store.

I do remember eating too much raw rhubarb once or twice. I took many long nature walks out back then too!

I can be reached at 812 - 446 - 4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.

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