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Saturday, Apr. 30, 2016

Look out! He's crawling!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm not sure if it took longer than some, but within the last couple of weeks, James David has taken like a dart on the floor.

That's right, my friends: James David is crawling.

And, at least in my opinion, he's moving pretty fast.

But I'm not sure if crawling is what he really wants to do.

From time to time, Merry and I will notice he is attempting to actually stand.

It looks so hard.

He'll be sitting in his playroom, crawl from one side to the next and then, one leg is positioned beneath the other, and it seems as if he is trying with every ounce of energy he has to stand up on that leg.

We've positioned him next to toys while he is on his legs and he will keep his balance.

But he hasn't stood just yet.

Still, I'm not convinced he'll be crawling for a while.

It just really seems like he wants to take off on those legs.

But for now, it's pure joy watching him crawl from one end of his room to the next, exploring the next new item in his path.

Since he's become mobile, he's also much more interested in seeing how everything works.

And I mean everything.

I called his daycare recently to check up on him, and they explained this to me in detail.

As he was crawling around, they said he was stopping to check out everything. It appeared, according to them, that he was trying to figure out how everything worked, i.e., the swings, the cribs, toys, etc.

When he's moving around at home, he practically does the exact same thing.

Perhaps Merry's wish will come true and we have an engineer amongst us.

For James David's future, that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

But for now, I'm content watching him see all the new things in his world.

And when he starts walking, there will be even knew things to explore.

Parenting is such a joy. Watching him learn every second is a miracle.

A miracle I'm grateful to be a part of.