Letter to the Editor

Reader 'brags' about city workers

Sunday, August 28, 2011

To the Editor:

May I brag?

I am a retired senior, working part-time for the City of Brazil.

Recently, a friend of mine called the office to ask for assistance in locating a gravesite of a relative.

Our cemetery-street supervisor, Brian Bemis, answered the request with promptness and politeness.

He has often aided many Brazil citizens, as well as out-of-state and country visitors.

Brian wears many hats at the local garage and does it (most of the time) with a smile.

All of his fellow employees have the greatest respect and devotion for him.

He is equally fair and impartial with his task assignments that are a daily requirement.

These city street employees are a hard working bunch of guys and many times, the thank yous don't come often enough.

Daily responsibilities of keeping the streets, alleys, etc., of Brazil in running condition is a large responsibility for all of the men; and with fewer employees due to the economic stronghold we are in -- it is even tougher.

So, fellow Brazilians -- next time you see those guys in yellow-orange shirts doing their daily routines (patching streets, picking up bags-limbs, cutting grass) among the other jobs too numerous to list -- show them a "thumbs up" or better yet -- bring a few donuts to the garage.

They love them.

Thanks crew,

Katy Von Ness