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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last week, I wrote about the restoration and repositioning of some of the older stones in Restlawn Cemetery. I focused, particularly on the stone of Alisis and Joseph Descamp.

I am wondering about a very old slab of stone that was unearthed on the lot during those repairs. The marker brought to my attention reads, "In Memory of Five Little Orphans." I do not recall ever seeing that token of remembrance.

I question, does it belong there or was it dug-up some place else in the cemetery and relocated when the old resting place fell victim to vandalism, several years ago?

Dad and I worked as caretakers there nine years. I know during that time we found parts of broken stones, floral arrangements and more in his pasture, just a few feet from the aforementioned section of the graveyard. We did know where those finds belonged and was able to put them back in their proper places.

Whomever remembered those little children were indeed thoughtful.

Could be, the stone is where it should be.

Paul and I agree, truth is; everyone should have a marker. He purchased stones for two of his aunts, angels in his life. Paul's acts of kindness and sentiments at the grave sites were from the heart.

Della Goodman and Xenia Kisner are buried in Woodlawn, in Terre Haute. He provided the same for his brother Billy Sartor in Restlawn.

This week I haven't felt my best. My garden is ailing too. That rain dance brought no results. I don't think kicking up this dry dirt is working.

Almost all of the vegetables are harvested. We did dig some very nice Irish spuds and sweet potatoes; the kale is nice and tender. Okra plants are late bloomers this growing season, but, they show promise.

This afternoon, the young Whitetail doe and the perky twins ambled out of the woods to check for fruit beneath the old apple tree.

The greedy raccoons were probably peeking out of the brambles, rubbing their fat hairy bellies and laughing their heads off. This morning, when I checked, most of the remaining apples on the upper branches had been consumed. The only thing on the keepsake coal pile beneath the tree is dry grass and dusty slack.

The deer could find nothing and quickly vanished, without adding fuel to their tanks!

I am aware that deer harm my vegetable garden, but this evening, I almost felt guilty consuming my nice dinner. If I would have spotted some apples in the top of that tree and brought them down to their level , that would be my good deed of the day.

Then I retracted that thought. Those darn deer will be back to the garden, later tonight. The remainder of the munched on green beans plants are still blooming. They know that!

I received several calls and e-mails last week from readers. One e-mail came from Louisiana. He reads The Brazil Times on-line. It is so good to hear from so many nice people.

I also received word from my granddaughters that live on the east coast, in Virginia and Massachusetts that the hurricane, "Irene" did not give them much trouble. However, the heavy rainfall and high winds still is, at this hour, a concern.

Granddaughter, Olivia Cory lives in Denver. She was sleeping when awakened by what sounded like a large truck passing the house. That rumbling sound is all that she experienced during the earthquake that was felt in several states.

We are happy our loved ones are fine. Though, so many other people did not do as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with them also.

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