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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

And, they are off!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Winston Churchill once referred to communism as "... a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."

Too bad Sir Winston never had the pleasure of experiencing Indiana politics, he might have thought mere communism simplistic.

This, according to all we hear on the news, is an "off-year" politically, one of those fleeting microseconds of no national or statewide elections.

Naturally Hoosiers filled the vacuum with local elections. And, as with the race commencing one year forward, Labor Day is the unofficial campaign launch of Indiana politics -- local edition.

There will be offices up for a vote in November for Brazil, Carbon, Center Point, Clay City, Harmony, Knightsville and Staunton. The positions vied for run from Mayor, to Town Council, to Clerk-Treasurer, to whatever I've overlooked.

There are several candidates running as "Independent," the most encouraging aspect going. This writer's observation of 15 years has been that many candidates simply let it be known they are the duly nominated Republican/Democratic candidate and they who support said party ought vote accordingly.

This approach to the subject is often as effective as anything, given how few care enough to vote in these off-year elections.

As one who will probably get around to voting (if the creek don't rise and the devil don't care, as it were), there are some last-time-we-had-an-off-year-election-questions still lingering:

The cost of conducting these campaigns and elections would be interesting to know.

Is it really worth it to pay the extra money at a time when costs of running local government are so "iffy?" Election dates were largely established during horse and buggy days, are we not always doing what we've always done because it is what we've always done?

Allow me to here make the point that I have only the highest admiration for anyone who holds local office. There is little money in it, requires great personal fortitude, and comprises no glory whatsoever. Having said that, are there not any of these offices we'd do just as well without?

Please do not tell me which Party you represent. Frankly my dear, as one who has watched the news these recent days, I just don't 'care.' To quote an old English proverb, "a pox on both your houses."

Instead of Party affiliation, tell us these three things:

* First, what problems are faced in your town that can actually be dealt with in your town without state approval or federal funding? The former are solved (or added thereto) by folk of higher pay grade, funds from the latter may not now be forthcoming,

* Second, why haven't said problems already been resolved?

And, I will not be content to learn once again that it is the other party's fault, and

* Third, what are you, personally and individually, going to do which actually can be done by someone holding the office to which you aspire? "Promises, Promises" is a Broadway musical, not a viable agenda.

Dear Candidate, if you think it is important enough to sacrifice this part of your life to run for office, make it important to me.

Give me reason to take my weakened heart and ruined right leg up the City Hall steps on a cold, rainy Tuesday in November.

A reason other than "this is how we do it in the state of enigma."