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Knights show improvement at BC

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Josie Stakeman parlayed a strong week of practice into a personal best run Saturday.
By Steve Fields

For the Brazil Times

Nashville -- The Northview Knights didn't fare well Saturday in the team competition at the Brown County Invitational high school cross country meet. But from the coaches view on individual performances and learning for future meets, the Knights did well.

Competing in the 17-team, Class AA division, the Northview boys and girls each finished 16th, and in both cases beat Jeffersonville .

But in both instances, Northview boys' coach Chad Smith and girls coach Rexann Laue, noted huge improvements, as the Knights took advantage of ideal running conditions.

"The girls ran great today. I think all seven of them had (personal records)," Laue said.

This is the same Brown County course that will host the IHSAA regional and semistate meets in October.

"This is always a meet we put on our schedule and circle it as an important meet. We backed off (in practice) this week so we could (get personal records) right now. We have nine runners on our team and I think all nine of the PRed today. I don't care where we place, if we're running our best times that's what we're trying today. I think we had a very good race today," Smith said.

There were 118 runners scored in Class AA and another 131 scored in Class A. They all ran together in one race and the scoring was done by computer after the race.

Northview's Josh Johnson crossed the finish line in 18:53 for the Knights.
But when the gun sounded, 249 runners took off in a sprint to get up front. There were 224 in the girls varsity race. For nearly all of the Knights, this was a new experience.

"This is probably the biggest meet we run in, as far as number of people in one race. It was a good experience for them and they ran well," Smith said.

Sophomore Nic Yocom led Northview effort in the boys varsity meet with a time of 16 minutes, 48.66 seconds. That was good for 27th out of 118 runners in Class AA.

"It was his best race of the year by about 20 seconds," Smith said.

Completing the Knights' scoring were Ian Heffner in 73rd place in 17:57.01; Beil Travis 90th in 18:36.78, Josh Johnson in 97th at 18:53.02, Collin Richards 99th in 16:56.33, Ryan South 112th in 19:30.81 and Devin McCollum in 118th place at 21:01.35.

Most runners in the two varsity races talked about the fast start, as the leaders set the early pace to the first narrow turn on the course.

That fast start helped Northview's Alyssa Conrad. Conrad, normally the Knights' No. 2 runners, led the way with a 75th place in 22:10 flat. Her sister Emily took 77th in 22:14.32.

"Alyssa is one of those (runners) who takes off a little slower in the pack. She was second (for us), but then she moved up toward the end and passed up her sister Emily toward the end," coach Laue said.

Behind the Conrad sisters was Hannah Zadeii in 103rd place at 23:55.15, Eileen Stinnett in 105th place at 24:42.71, Josie Stakeman 108th in 24:53.71, Olivia Howald in 114th at 27:59.07 and Taylor Simmons in 116th place at 29:01.31.

Coach Laue noted that Stakeman made a huge amount of progress in the week leading up to the Brown County meet.

"Josie Stakeman has been running ninth place for our 10 runners and today got fourth for our seven (entries). Just this last week she came out of nowhere. (She's had) great practices. She's finally learned she can run," Laue said.

Brown County Invitational

Varsity Boys Race

Class AA

Team scores: 1. Columbus North (CN) 40; 2. Bloomington South (BS) 62; 3. Lawrence Central (LC) 67; 4. Westfield (WF) 150; 5. Terre Haute South (THS) 180; 6. Franklin Community (FC) 182; 7. North Central (NC) 229; 8. Seymour (S) 245; 9. Terre Haute North (THN) 274; 10. New Albany (NA) 293; 11. Bloomington North (BN) 312; 12. Madison (M) 348; 13. Floyd Central (FC) 354; 14. East Central (EC) 356; 15. Northview (Nv) 386; 16. Jeffersonville (J) 388.

Class AA Top 10: 1. Andrew Diehn (CN) 15:22.21; 2. Tyeson Mundy (THS) 15:23.30; 3. Carl Smith (BS) 15:26.41; 4. Matt Dorsey (LC) 15:28.57; 5. Michael Sublette (CN) 15:31.56; 6. Mark Chandler (BS) 15:34.22; 7. Dave Powell (CN) 15:36.09; 8. Rinne Colin (WF) 15:44.13; 9. Cole Hester (LC) 15:47.09; 10. Jackson Bertoli (THS) 15:47.49.

Northview: 27. Nic Yocom 16:48.66; 73. Ian Heffner 17:57.01; 90. Beil Travis 18:36.78; 97. Josh Johnson 18:53.02; 99. Collin Richards 18:56.33; 112. Ryan South 19:30.81; 118. Devin McCollum 21:01.35.

Girls Varsity

Class AA

Team scores: 1. Columbus North (CN) 38; 2. Terre Haute North (THN) 77; 3. North Central (NC) 115; 4. Bloomington South (BS) 141; 5. Terre Haute South (THS) 170; 6. Bloomington North (BN) 187; 7. Franklin Community (FC) 198; 8. New Albany (NA) 225; 9. Lawrence Central (LC) 233; 10. Martinsville (Mv) 238; 11. Floyd Central (FC) 252; 12. Bedford-North Lawrence (BNL) 345; 13. Seymour (S) 368; 14. Madison (Mad) 396; 15. East Central (EC) 439; 16. Northview (Nv) 454; 17. Jeffersonville (J) 501.

Class AA Top 10: 1. Chanli Mundy (THN) 17:57.11; 2. Brenna Poulsen (NC) 18:16.44; 3. Alex Warzyniak (BS) 18:20.77; 4. Rachael Sollman (CN) 18:21.20; 5. Nikki Thiede (THS) 18:22.81; 6. Mackenzie Caldwell (CN) 18:23.78; 7. Erin Shuffett (CN) 19:01.48; 8. MacKenzie Harris (CN) 19:11.96; 9. Kate Raphael (BN) 19:16.09; 10. Marissa Stephens (NC) 19:21.36.

Northview: 75. Alyssa Conrad 22:10.00; 77. Emily Conrad 22:14.32; 103. Hannah Zadeii 23:55.15; 105. Eileen Stinnett 24:42.71. 108. Josie Stakeman 24:53.71; 114. Olivia Howald 27:59.07; 116. Taylor Simmons 29:01.31.

Junior Varsity

Girls team winner: Sacred Heart ( Ky. ) 21.

Girls Individual winner: Maggie Allen (Sacred Heart) 19:08.60.

Boys team winner: Columbus North 27.

Boys Individual winner: Andrew Alberts (Columbus North) 16:56.77.

Boys Freshman Sophomore Race

Team winner: Bloomington South 60.

Individual winner: James Huffman (North Central) 16:33.62.

Northview runners: 86. Skyler Aguilar 21:03.17; 96. Nick McCollum 22:13.87.

Middle School Race

(3K Distance)

Boys Team winner: Otter Creek.

Boys Individual winner: Jarit Perkins (Barr-Reeve) 10:06.02.

North Clay 8th place: 12. Cam Trout 11:14.65; 36. Christian Herron 12:00.52; 40. Gaidj Evans 12:03.03; 55. Taelur Evans 12:15.04; 83. Nelson Dawson 12:46.94; 97. Tyler McNabb 13:07.09; 143. Tanner Batchelor 13:56.18; 168. Matt Fordice 14:50.41; 169. Jalen Satterfield 14:56.14; 174. Zade Reberger 15:43.74.

Girls Team Winner: Otter Creek.

Individual winner: Alexandra Dalton ( Greenwood ) 11:22.49.

Northview Clay 14th place: 54. Kourtney Johnson 13:51.61; 68. Izzy Shumaker 14:13.80; 86. Macenzie Allen 14:38.89; 97. Chelsey Hines 14:48.51; 119. Gardner Cassidy 15:15.55; 137. Caitlin Fairbanks 15:48.04; 147. Cheyenne Mullenix 16:21.05; 152. Sonja Nelson 17:10.01; 155. Julia Smith 17:42.22; 159. Livi Spugnardi 18:26.89.

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