Letter to the Editor

Reader reflects on 1947

Sunday, September 11, 2011

To the Editor:

This letter is about Brazil and other areas, mostly ads, etc., from 1947.

Government -- City, City Hall, 203 E. National. Mayor: Clint Wilson; Attorney: Walter Lee; City Judge: Wm. O. Roberts; Clerk-Treasurer: Elmer Cox; Engineer: Ted McCoy; Health Officer: Clint Sourwine; Superintendent of Schools: Geo. R. Pell.

A&P Food Stores, Kenneth Bergman Mgr., Grocers and Meats, 20-24 W. National Ave., Brazil, Ind., Days Mens and Boys Store 15 W. National, Brazil, Ind., M&M Restaurant-McDonald Bros. owners, 36 E. National, Brazil -- PH.5951, Beverly Theater-Brazil PH.439.

Casassas Dairy Farm R.D.4 on 340 West Brazil PH 7631.

Lark Theater-Stanley Cooper Mgr., PH. 405-Finest in Movie Entertainment 8-10 E. National, Hareld Chaney Jeweler 3 E. National PH. 11-381, Clay City Implement S. Main St. Clay City PH. Citizens 12.

Beverly Theater-Harold Neese, Bernice Neese, owners, 13 E. National PH.439.

Fox Theater-Best in Entertainment-Basil Fischer, Donald Hooten Mgrs. 112 W. National Brazil PH. 9796.

Clay City Inn -- Clay City Ind., PH. 30, Sunday Dinners, Fried Chicken, T-Bone Steak Served Country Style, We Cater To Parties.

Faraco's Rainbow Jewelry Shop 17 W. National-Brazil, Ind., PH. 8731.

I will write more on 1947 in the next letter, but before I sign off, I want to respond to a couple of letters by Gretchen Van Pelt, who seems to think that smokers don't deserve any rights.

She says that smokers shouldn't have all the rights. Well lady, if smokers had all the rights, then they would be smoking anywhere they want to and they wouldn't have to go outside in all kinds of weather outside a business place just to light up.

It seems that not only do you have something against smokers, you also have something against people who back them up.

You made that pretty clear when you responded to my letter and you also responded to Stacy Cooper's letter just because we hold up for a legal product.

You claim you were in some place that caters to both smokers and non-smokers and still left smellin' like smoke.

Whose fault's that? I don't think it's theirs.

Until next time, from Snow Ellen and the Weddles, take care and be fair.

John Weddle,