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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There is not much happening outside this Sunday afternoon. Dried out leaves are falling and I can hear a couple grasshoppers near the back porch messing with their back legs. The noisy hawks soar high overhead in search of a light snack.

At last check, our German pointer bird dog, Caesar was pointing in their direction.

While I was outside observing my corner of the world, I gathered up some black walnuts and laid them aside for a later attack and further planned use.

Since there is several fine walnut trees on the place, there will be plenty left for the bushy tailed critters that watch my every move from the canopy.

This afternoon, clouds are covering the sky. Rain is in the weather forecast. That would be beneficial. I have my doubts that we shall be so lucky today.

The garden soil is as hard as cement. This morning we dug the remaining potatoes from the last row. The stunted and dusty spuds rolled from the disturbed earth with ease. There were no muddy tears in their eyes.

The sweet potatoes will need to await their turn. However, I did take in a few of the nutritious tuberous orange root vegetables earlier in the week.

I used my special handy dandy cutter and cut them into French fries , taken from the smaller of the lot. They hold together well, very tasty and can be mixed with Irish potato fries. The bit of sweetness is a nice change.

It is time to visit the roadside markets to see what else I can find for winter store and earlier consumption.

I love fruit and vegetables. Lately, I have been disappointed with my superstore purchases. I reckon I am spoiled. The last oranges that I purchased should have never left Chile.

Those workers in quality control must have been on strike. They were small and less than perfect.

I have not received my fruit from the club for the month of September, to date. The card lists--scarlet nectarines, though; the selection for August was Oregon peaches. The company substituted with dark sweet and delicious cherries.

Last week my daughters sent me many pictures via iphones of their homes. I viewed the beautifully appointed homes and associated amenities late into the night and continued downloading into the following day.

This stay at home mom that lives in the little blue house at the end of the road enjoyed the visit more than they know.

Although, my daughters enjoy different, more sophisticated lifestyles and decorating opportunities than I, so much, by influence; theirs is still a taste of home.

Art works from far away places grace their walls. Some from recognized masters of fine art and others that were painted for them by their proud and loving father, displayed for all whom pass them to view and admire.

Handed down, family heirlooms live on.

I gave both girls mannequin type display heads of beautiful ladies that was given to me when G.C. Murphy Company went out of business several years ago. The dated busts in perfect condition hold beautiful straw hats, attention and extended shelf life these days.

Small collections and Dad and Mom connections are everywhere, somewhere in Scottsdale and Denver.

Fresh flowers, plants and transplants, pottery, marble, fine furniture, antique and new, select hardwoods ,and; real kitty cats live there too! Saunas and pools and tall cacti, a few, everything nice, nothing patched-up with glue. I am happy for them, but as for me, I still love best of all, home, my little old house dressed in blue.

Today, Starla and Lori are together in Denver enjoying the Italian Festival, in the village.

I am sure, spouses and granddaughters, Mary Shannon and Olivia are doing their best to keep up with the ambitious sisters.

I have a routine doctor's appointment Tuesday. Today, something has upset my apple cart.

Could it be all of those sweet potato fries or too- tight jeans tugging at my over-stuffed tummy?

Thanks to all for reading my ramblings. You are very important to me and much appreciated!

I can be reached by phone at 812 - 446 - 4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.