Letter to the Editor

Food Pantry offers update

Sunday, September 25, 2011

To the Editor:

During July and August, the Clay County Emergency Food Pantry has been very busy.

Our records indicate we served 688 family units and a total of 6,730 individuals.

We thank the community for their continued support of this special ministry.

We are blessed with a number of volunteers from at least 10 community churches, which serve faithfully, some daily.

There is a continuing need for assistance either male or female.

We thank the House of Hope for their assistance weekly for sending our excess clothing and other household items to the Goodwill.

We continue to receive items of various nature that we are unable to distribute.

Our signage indicates permission is desired before leaving furniture and other heavy items.

We cannot accept used TVs and other electronic appliances if they are not in working condition.

Too often, the goods that are left are merely junk and it puts extra burden on us to dispose of.

We appreciate clean clothing and household items that are serviceable.

During our business hours, you are welcome to drop off donations and we will assist you in getting them into the main building.

Often, goods are dropped off when we are closed and we find that someone is going through bags and boxes, and in essence, stealing.

We would greatly appreciate the community assisting us in the vital service area.

You are invited to stop in during business hours to view this outreach to the Clay County community.

George Hewitt,


Clay County Emergency Food Pantry