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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rainy days never get me down. This Sunday the precipitation just adds to the relief from the dry spell and greens-up the grass. Already, fallen leaves more than dot the landscape.

The farmer's corn crop, close by, will be harvested soon giving the woodland animals and birds more reasons to eat the remaining remnants from the table set before them in springtime. The wild turkeys will come out of hiding and the deer will elude us until after dawn and before dusk, just because .... The lens on my binoculars will be ready and focused.

Last week the RCA console television set that we purchased seventeen years ago shut down. Tired of channel surfing and it's master's loss of control, fact is; it gave up and died. No place to run and no place to hide.

The old played-out workhorse left Paul Baby with a useless remote and his hidden hostage, the guide tucked away out of reach, by his side.

Paul decided as a temporary solution to the problem he would bring the TV from the kitchen into the living room and plop it on the deceased. A disrespectful, but necessary move!

We had been watching the Emmys at the time of the set's death. There was no time for bereavement. No time for more calls to Dish Network, as were made during his best friend's dying days.

Therefore, I helped him make room for his CNN's morning news (Robin) in the living room until the larger set could be replaced. And, then there was the matter of the toast drop to consider.

We both knew Tootie Mae would approve of the move.

This week, Starla called us. During the course of our conversation I mentioned the demise of our beautiful and dependable TV.

After we talked awhile about a myriad of other things, then we said our goodbyes.

In a short time she called back and informed us that a new flat- screen TV and the furniture to hold it and other associated electronics and accessories is on the way to us. The merchandise will be delivered to our local Wal-Mart by the end of this week.

Our grandson Michael called to tell us he would be on hand to move out the old and bring in the new.

His wife Kayleigh Dawn and I are going to play cooking school. We are going to make homemade noodles like I served the family last week. If time permits who knows what other comfort food will please the set - up crew of two.

Either we are going to die or living right. This week, shortly after word of an early Christmas gift from Starla and her husband Bruce, and Michael's call, a reader of Brazil Buzz, a generous family friend brought Paul and I beautiful vegetables from his garden. While we were engaged in good conversation, a UPS truck pulled into the driveway that leads to little blue house at the end of the road . The driver handed me a box from Starla. Inside of that box was a beautiful fall centerpiece of her own design. A fat-bodied pumpkin witch arrived the week before, along with a bisque bobble head sidekick ,a thread of the same theme--Halloween!

On top of that I heard from my sweet Lori several times. The new pictures were nice too. Why did I think that the only blackberries are those grown on a vine?

We visited my sister, Sandra Gallardo and her husband Gilbert, in Linton last week. They enjoy goodies of the edible kind raised at the Lynch homestead property.

On the way home I stopped at Wabash Clay Custom Meats, Inc. on West State Rd. 246. We did business with them several years ago.

One day I bought eleven head of cattle, of various breeds that my brother purchase earlier that morning from auction, at a good price.

After a spring and summer of cattle raising and concerns about the size of the pasture space, we decided to take some to market in Greencastle. The remainder of the small, but healthy herd, the Hereford, the black angus and including a long-legged, Guernsey escape artist met their fate one by one.

That big steer liked to jump the fence and travel about. After showing him the way to go home too many times, we had him slaughtered and then processed at the aforementioned facility.

The folks there do an excellent job and treat the customer right. They sell by the pound sides or quarters. They try to maintain inventory on some items. Most are sold retail on an order basis and may require a minimum.

No, the containers in the back seat of our vehicle were not filled with fancy cuts, rather just nice chops, and more, enough lean hamburger and sausage to last us, well into winter. The business had no chuck roasts pre-cut. I'll be back another time! I love fresh side pork too.

Right now, I would love to have a Johnsonville brat be it hot or mild, loaded with sautéed white onions and long slender strips of bell peppers of varied colors on a fresh wheat bun wearing a fine coat of honey mustard on its lid and bottom.

A small glass of Welch's white grape and peach juice sure could wash it down nicely.

No, I will pass on that and finish this. It is almost bedtime. Maybe I should consume that earlier in the day.

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