Letter to the Editor

Reminder to county parents regarding all that carnival food

Sunday, October 2, 2011

To the Editor:

On Saturday, Sept. 24, I was enjoying my time at the Cory Apple Festival.

I decided I was hungry and my sister and I went for food. She got a foot long corn dog and I got a hot dog.

First, the woman making change did not know how to make change and we had to teach her.

But, then we got our food. I noticed the lady that took my money also handed me my food and had no gloves on after handling money.

We went to sit behind their food wagon because they had tables set up. There sat two men chopping onions and potatoes for them to fry up as well as other vegetables. They had no gloves on and were smoking at the same time.

Then a younger girl came and starting putting foot long dogs on sticks. She didn't have gloves on.

I guess what I am getting at is doesn't the health department send anyone out to inspect these places serving us food?

And even if they did do an initial inspection, there should be someone from the health department there during these festivals checking to see that all health rules are being followed.

My hot dog was horrible. First, it was about the palest hot dog I have ever seen, the bun was dried out and the dog tasted terrible.

The corn dog was sister had was so salty.

We all need to be more aware of some of these things before we eat out at these little fairs and such.

With the popcorn festival and bridge festival coming up, we need to watch what we are eating and where we are getting our food. I am not adverse to people making a living, but I don't want to be sick from their food preparation either.

So, moms, before you get those kids a hot dog at any fair or festival, ask yourself, do I really want my child eating any of this?

Jaqui Griffith,