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Forest Park Golf Course hosts Two-Man Best Ball Tourney

Monday, October 3, 2011

Times Staff Report

Forest Park Golf Course held its annual Two-Man Best Ball Tournament over the weekend and the team of Dustin Jovanovich and Scott Williams won the Championship Flight by one stroke with a two-day total of 128 over the team of Chris Keen and Tom Jones. Jovanich and Williams opened play with a 63 on day one and finished up with a 65 to claim the tourney win.

Denny Byrum and Chad Gann shot a two-day total of 132 to win by a stroke over three other teams. Greg and Charley Kluesner teamed to shoot a 133 along with the team of Dale Jalovecky and Greg Boardman. Rich Schelsky and Bill Chestnut carded a second-day round of 64 to also shoot a 133.

Skill shots went to Nate Myers and Kevin Heitz, who won $25 Closest To the Pin Awards from Jack's Fine Foods and Coaches Time Out. The Longest Putt Award went to Chris Rairdon, who won $25 from Pages. Rich Schelsky won a $50 Award from Forest Park Golf Course for a Closest to the Pin shot on hole No. 11. Bob Bannon won $25 from House of Spirits and Dusty Jovanovich won $25 from Pappy's for the Longest Drive.

On Saturday, skins were won by Kevin Foster and Mike Adams on the first hole and by Eddie Kanizer and Blayd Horrall on No. 16 with an eagle.

Forest Park Golf Course

Two-Man Best Ball Tournament

Championship Flight

1. Dusty Jovanovich/Scott Williams63-65128
2. Chris Keen/Tom Jones64-65129
3.(tie) Stacy Vitnemi/Mike Ball65-65130
3.(tie) Chris Dehart/Doug McDonald66-64130
5.(tie) Ernie Maesch/Mike Lacy65-68133
5.(tie) Trent Carr/Josh Coleman66-67133
7. Eddie Kanizer/Blayd Horrall65-69134
8. Lance Trusler/Eric Trusler65-71136

First Flight

1. Denny Byrum/Chad Gann68-64132
2.(tie) Greg Kluesner/Charley Kluesner68-65133
2.(tie) Dale Jalovecky/Greg Boardman68-65133
2.(tie) Rich Schelsky/Bill Chestnut69-64133
5. Doug Wood/Adam Wood67-67134
6. Chris Rairdon/Randy Smith69-66135
7.(tie) Bob Symon/Dan Moreland69-69138
7.(tie) Randy Bland/Ryan Bland69-69138
9.(tie) Mike Toney/Geoff Shuck68-71139
9.(tie) Al Head/Bob Schane69-70139
11. Chuck Adamson/Mark Malone69-71140
12. Tom Cain/Herb McConnell68-75143

Second Flight

1. Jon Lambert/Keith Heitz70-63143
2. Ryan Turner/Matt Williams70-67137
3.(tie) Mark Neaderhiser/Gary Stuck70-68138
3.(tie) Larry Fossi/Larry Griffin71-67138
5.(tie) Darryl Shouse/Larry Russell71-68139
5.(tie) Jeff Gaskill/Nick Bonomo71-68139
5.(tie) Ted Schneider/Abe Nasser71-68139
8. Tony Fenwick/Brad Shoemaker71-71142
9.(tie) Mike Payne/Chuck Payne71-72143
9.(tie) Mike Fisher/Emma Fisher71-72143
11. Tom Johnson/Matt Keisling71-NCNC

Third Flight

1. Tim Tennett/Dave Alubaugh74-66140
2.(tie) Bob Bannon/Bud Gaby72-69141
2.(tie) JT Pearce/Jeff Yocum73-68141
4.(tie) Ron Simpson/Grant Saylor72-71143
4.(tie) Ed Hughes/Shaun Hughes72-71143
6. Tim Long/Jason Long73-71144
7.(tie) Andy Goshen/Mike Lake72-73145
7.(tie) Mike Bortoff/Albert Drury73-72145
9.(tie) Josh Miley/Jerry Danhour73-74147
9.(tie) John Brush/Stew Johnson73-74147

Fourth Flight

1. Josh Trout/Paul Houston75-67142
2. Dennis Stark/Larry Tackett75-69144
3.(tie) Mark Brashier/Jerry Monroe74-71145
3.(tie) Mike Adams/Kevin Foster74-71145
3.(tie) Dave Kirchner/Cory Blunk74-71145
3.(tie) Tony Bonilla/Carson Craft74-71145
7. Craig Trout/Tony Trout75-71146
8. Jerry Snodgrass/Ben Kiburis75-73148
9.(tie) Tim Butts/Jeff Eaglin74-75149
9.(tie) Mike Wagle/Lee Shipley75-74149

Fifth Flight

1. Punk Waldrop/Cheek Waldrop76-71147
2. Paul Thomas/Nate Myer77-72149
3. Matt Kendricks/Kevin Kendricks77-73150
4. Dan Wood/Drew Wood77-74151
5.(tie) Mike Webster/Joe Bukovack77-74151
5.(tie) Frank Perry/Denny Overberg78-73151
7. Jeff Symon/Greg McCoy77-77154
8. John Bridgewater/Joe Swaim76-79155
9. Jimmy King/Joe Hayes78-80158

Sixth Flight

1. Brady Shoemaker/Nick Lizonich79-74153
2.(tie) John Cesinger/Matt Raines79-79158
2.(tie) Brian Cottom/Rich Booe79-79158
2.(tie) Mark Davis/Greg Davis82-76158
5. Joe Boorman/Victor Adams82-83165
6. Chip Cook/Ryan Hayes89-81170
7. Kevin Gabriel/Susan Gabriel90-87177
8. Chuck Rairdon/Lanny Fields79-NCNC