Letter to the Editor

Article was very uplifting

Monday, October 10, 2011

To the Editor:

After reading Jason Moon's article about the 9/11 beam, I felt again the pangs and sorrow that I had that day in 2001.

When a man looks back on his past from say, middle age, he must surely ask himself what those years have taught him.

If I have learned anything, it is tolerance or patience, moderation in thought and action, and patience with others.

I have come to the realization of the illusion of chasing after material things.

What satisfaction lies in having a big new automobile and owe several years of my life paying for it, when a smaller slightly older car will do?

I don't need to keep up with my neighbors. This worldly grandeur means a lot less than say a smile from a friend or a consideration from a fellow man. It always means a lot to get a kind word, a pat on the back or a fellow contacting you sent by a friend for your help.

They trust your advice and help. I have seen reckless living. I'm not writing to pass judgment, nor to pass sentence, but for a culture to teach to kill another human for their beliefs. Then, I must that is wrong. We must all face the fact that we have enemies in foreign lands that want to kill us. And some right here in the United States that have listened and trained to do us harm.

If you want to kill a snake, you must beat it to death or cut off its head. We cannot buy friends for long with dollars, nor all the food from our storehouse.

If we are to continue to enjoy our home in the U.S., we must "think" about it.

"Thank God for life, with all its endless store of great experiences of hill and dale,

Of cloud and sunshine, tempest, snow and hail.

Thank god for straining sinews, panting breast,

No less for weary slumber, peaceful rest;

Thank God for home and parents, children, friends,

For sweet companionship that never ends;

Thank God for all the splendor of the Earth,

For nature teeming with new birth;

Thank God for sea and sky, for changing hours,

For trees and singing birds and fragrant flowers,

And so in looking back from "84," my final word my friend, shall be:

Thank God for life; and when the gift is withdrawn,

Thank God for twilight bell, and coming dawn.

To have done the things that God would approve

And to be welcomed home. Anon.

"For without the way, there is no going, without the truth, there is no knowing; without the life, there is no living."

Thanks, Jason, for Perspective. Keep writing and printing as you see it.

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,