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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This beautiful autumn day is coming to a close. I am becoming so spoiled to the present weather conditions. Multi-tasking outdoors is a pleasure. Paul and I are using the time wisely, making haste while the sun shines. No time for idle hands and foolishness.

Appointments next week will leave no time to paint, repair and clean-up. The grass is looking fairly green again, a little hairy looking, if you ask me. We need to pick-up sticks and slip a much needed clip into the mix.

The giant oak at the homestead property is dropping leaves a mile a minute. Walnuts down and noting cuttings of hickory and beechnuts amid the fallen leaves tells us the squirrels are busy as beavers also.

I have not noticed much movement of Canadian geese yet, but smaller birds are gathering together in numbers. Spiders are adding strength to their webs already. The silky fly traps glisten in the morning dew. Loose threads catch the gentle breeze and enjoy a romp in the sunshine.

Lady beetles are beginning to eyeball the cracks and crevices of the little blue house at the end of the road.

The ladybug that manages this household is doing everything to change their minds. Tootie Mae has an appetite for them. I reckon she may be after Andrew Zimmer's job. He eats bugs and other stomach-turning stuff too.

Thanks to Dish Network and the travel channel; we watch that.

I saw a very black woolly worm clinging to a discarded piece of plywood. Could be, we will see a harsher winter than last year.

The first fill of fuel oil was pumped into our thirsty tank this week. Thanks to Ceres Solutions and our dependable driver, Dan Barr we will be warm and comfortable, anyway.

This will be the third year that we have owned the Amish fireplace. It works beautifully and often times times gives the furnace a break. It does not increase the Cinergy bill much either.

Less importantly, but an added bonus, the attractive cherry wood cabinetry of the heat source looks great alongside my Queen Anne furniture pieces.

Free Niagara bulbs arrived by snail mail yesterday. The softer white compact fluorescent bulbs are promised to save on the energy bill. Caulk and insulation is always a help.

The little blue house can breath a sigh of relief. Together, we are going to be just fine when the bitter breath of old man winter huffs and puffs against our thick doors.

Starla Sartor-May and her husband, Bruce visited us Friday evening. They were in Indiana this weekend to attend a soccer game of Avery Isabella Terry and visit with family.

As I write this the frequent flyers are headed home to Scottsdale. Starla's son Dan's new bride Amber Risk traveled with them to visit her family in Brownsburg and her sister, at Purdue. Ashley is a student and a member of the college's Color Guard.

Our grandson, Daniel Risk was home in Orange, Calif. working on filming projects. He and Amber plan to visit their folks and the rest of the family during the Christmas holidays.

Grandson Michael has suggested that we should plan a wiener roast soon. This is the perfect place to do that. Good food, conversation and fun is had by all that dare to sit in the darkness and listen to the eerie sounds of the night.

Our woods shout it out. Unlike some our grandkids never worried much about the cemetery next door, rather; stories of Big - Foot and the antics of Grandpa Sartor sent the shivers up their spines.

I venture to say, if the farmer harvest the field of grain and the moon is full the coyotes will be howling and the White Tail bucks will be moving about. And that old hoot owl in the pits could send them off of their seats.

I could bag a hundred or more of the rotten smelling lady beetles and place that beneath their benches. We already told them that Big Foot stinks, beyond compare. That could drive them inside and away from the night's thrills and chills.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can scare Grandpa Sartor. I added that to my Halloween party plan too - no mask or costume required by this grinner!

Don't forget to get a flu shot. Mine is in a done deal. I have the shot in one arm and fell against a small nail on a 2x4 stud in the little blue shed and punctured the other arm. There is a 50/50 chance the jaws may lock and I'll trip out, and more; the party could become a wake.

If that be the case, I sure hope the good folks at French Funeral Home accept me and my case.

God Bless the French family. You are appreciated and loved by so many people, including me. You extend yourselves far beyond the services you render. You touch our lives in a special and caring way. You truly deserve the praise that you receive!

Well, dear readers it is time to warm up the coffee and serve the carrot cake.

Thanks to the readers that called me last week. I sure enjoyed talking to you.

I can be reached by phone at 812- 446 4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.