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I'll huff and I'll puff ...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wolves are in Indiana!

Wolves that are vicious by nature, crave the taste of human flesh, have evil thoughts and only want to wreak havoc on men and livestock.

My family and I recently visited Wolf Park in Lafayette. Through folklore and superstition, I assumed that wolves only wanted to take our children, destroy pig's homes, dress up like old ladies and steal livestock.

I did not know how family oriented a wolf pack is.

A hierarchal family of the strictest order descending in authority from the alpha male to the alpha female and to the youngest or most docile of the pack.

The wolves interact with one another continually and continually remind each other of their individual places in the order of the pack.

Throughout history, the wolf has gotten a very bad rap.

Think about a few of these sayings: A wolf in sheep's clothing; men are wolves; the boy who cried wolf; wolf down your food; a wolf in the midst.

It was believed that the stare of a wolf would cause blindness and that if your horse stepped on a wolf print, the horse would become crippled.

In Europe, the fear of wolves was so severe that the belief in the werewolf pre-dated the witch hunts of the 17th century.

Those accused of being a werewolf were sometimes flayed due to the belief that the fur of the afflicted was under the skin.

They believed that a person would turn into a werewolf at night and would turn back to human at daylight to protect the wolf that was within.

What my wife and I enjoyed the most was the mesmerizing feeling of being so close to such an allusive and majestic animal.

We were awe-struck at the size, intensity and grace of these animals as they ran, played, fought and entertained us with a few howls.

They were much larger than we expected and though they were aware of our presence, they cared very little.

A couple of the wolves were dark in color, signifying a young age, while many of the others were lighter.

A few of the wolves were white, showing their old age and closeness to the end of life.

They are not vicious.

They only kill to eat.

Only half of the pups live to adulthood and they hardly live beyond five years in the wild.

They do not crave human flesh.

It is a very rare occurrence for anyone to see a wolf in the wild.

Due to their incredible sense of smell, wolves are very adept at avoiding humans.

Wolves are in Indiana, in Lafayette to be exact, and at only an hour-and-a-half away, anyone can decide for himself or herself if the legends and lore are true.