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Thursday, May 5, 2016

A magical day

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday was one of the most memorable days I have ever been involved in.

Our son, James David Miller Moon, had finally lived 365 days. He is now 1.

Merry had been planning the big day for quite a few weeks. I tried to get involved the last couple of weeks, taking days off here and there to go home and clean up.

When the day officially came, it was strange.

And just one day prior, we were worried Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011, wouldn't be a good day at all.

I was at the office Friday afternoon when I called James David's Daycare.

They had told me they just talked with Merry only minutes before. She had taken Friday off to continue cleaning and get his cake and cupcakes ready.

Apparently, James David wasn't himself Friday. After his first nap at Daycare, they sat him on the floor to play with the other children.

But James David didn't want to play. In fact, he just laid down and stared. He wasn't moving. He wanted nothing to do with the other kids that afternoon, which is highly unusual for him.

The people at Daycare knew something was wrong, so they immediately called Merry.

She decided to pick him up and bring him home.

We then called our pediatrician, who asked to bring him in for a visit.

Perhaps an ear infection had returned (James David has had a few of these in the past year).

Maybe he was nervous in anticipation for his big day (I highly doubt it).

We took him to the doctor and she believed he was dealing with the effects of a cold he had been dealing with.

So, we gave him some medication when we took him home and he was better eventually.

I had to go back to work Friday evening, so I didn't get to spend much time with James David that day.

When I came home, both he and his mother were sleeping. It was well after midnight.

Still, earlier in the day, I had dropped off some vegetable oil Merry needed for the cake and cupcakes. As I walked into our house, she and James David were watching a DVD she had made showing him during his first year of life.

As she sat there watching it, a handful of tears started flowing down her cheek.

I was able to catch a moment of the DVD and choked up myself.

But when I came home after a long Friday, I wanted to watch the movie. So I did.

Yeah, a few tears. There were pictures of James David and family, video of James David and more, set to music.

Photos of James David with my grandfather choked me up both times. At least they got to meet each other.

Anyway, James David woke up Saturday ready for his big day.

But his parents weren't quite ready.

We still had to put together a few more things before people showed up.

By 2 p.m., we were ready. Guests were expected any moment.

The day was about to begin.

And it was magical.

Twenty-nine people came to his first birthday. He was a little overwhelmed at first, but as the day continued, he got used to it.

He spent most of the day being held by family members and he didn't mind. He was enjoying the spotlight.

In the past year, I've seen my son grow such a personality. He really enjoys being around people.

He's got a smile that lights up my day. My world.

Even when I'm at work, it's difficult sometimes to keep attention as I'm thinking about the moment I'll get to see my family come home.

I truly feel blessed and I'm looking forward to many more birthdays.

He's a toddler now. His world will change so much, so fast.

Who knows what's in store for the future.

But for now, with all apologies to Lou Gehrig, I feel like I'm the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

All thanks to the bright smile of our little gentleman.