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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'Tis pleasant on a fine spring morn

To see the buds expand;

'Tis pleasant in the summertime

To see the fruitful land;

'Tis pleasant on a winter's night

To sit before the blaze;

But what are joys like these, my boys,

To merry autumn days!

We hail the merry autumn days

When leaves are turning red,

Because they're far more beautiful

Than anyone has said.

We hail the merry harvest time,

The gayest of the year,

The time of rich and bounteous crops,

Rejoicing and good cheer.

Charles Dickens

Dickens certainly knew how to embrace the seasons. His imagery is clear. He is one of my favorite writer/poets.

Walt Whitman and James Whitcomb Riley certainly stole little pieces of my heart early on too! Winter, summer, spring and fall, fact is; they were grateful. They loved the many gifts that God gave us!

Well folks, I truthfully feel the same about the sights and sounds of the seasons. Usually, the ears can clearly hear and the eyes are fully focused.

Hereabouts of the little blue house at the end of the road there is only a small amount of traffic. Wildlife feels free to roam about in this tranquil setting and if I am lucky enough, the thrill of my find is mine every day and even after evening shadows fall.

One day last week I asked Paul if he would like to join me on a stroll through the old pasture on the homestead property.

I waited at the weathered wooden gate, while he set aside the shovel that he was using to spread fill dirt where the privy once stood. History is on the move.

I happened to glance toward the path and noticed a bushy tailed animal, light in color, about thirty feet from my location. I could see the animal clearly, but it was busy feeding beneath a persimmon tree or perhaps grasping fair game. The identity of the species failed me.

Paul arrived on the scene. Before he could catch much more than a glance of the fur bearing animal standing in the tall faded-out grass, it looked up and scurried out of sight.

I pondered on what we saw and still wonder the same. What was that beautiful sighting? Something else will pleasure my senses and perhaps perk curiosity tomorrow and all of the rest of these wonderful days of autumn, patiently; I await the promises of another day!

The painting is progressing nicely. I am hoping for a few more good days to complete more of the fall projects.

Saturday we visited the VA hospital in Indianapolis. Paul has been having trouble with his eye. Looks like he will be receiving an injection of Botox soon! The sleepy eye's lid needs a lift.

He will return to Indianapolis later this month to the Dermatology department of the hospital. After years of dealing with skin cancers and precancerous lesions -- recurrence, removal and disfiguring biopsies the specialist plans to use photodynamic light therapy.

I don't know which of the treatments will be first, but I am sure when everything is said and done, that little trouper will be fine.

My face could use a shot or more of that Botox, but, I reckon there is none there with my name on it.

I am getting a marvelous makeover when Lori, my youngest, comes to town. Our Lucy is attending Empire Beauty School in Denver. The perky redhead promises to show me what she has learned. I know how important that is to a student of Cosmetology, because; 54 years ago I was doing the same at Smart Appearance Beauty College, in Terre Haute.

I loved to model and I prided myself on my works toward the profession. Just a few hours left until completion of the course, and state board ready; I eloped and moved out of state. End of story!

Now comes Lori Ann. Her former husband the late, Bruce Cory was a well known stylist at Lexcel Salon, in Terre Haute.

My granddaughter Alexis Cory will soon graduate from Empire Beauty School near Boston.

I sure hope my Lori isn't thinking pink hair for me, because once a fellow student named Mr. Garner applied the color to my blonde locks. When the Greyhound brought me to town the young lady in pink sure did turn heads. I turned my head a little more than usual too. I even was proud of the wavy hair hanging over my eye.

I liked the bustle back. What ever happened to that?

When I arrived home, my family gathered at the supper table. When the boss of our bunch sit down at the head of the table, I started light conversation to gain notice.

It was clear to see that move netted nothing, but disapproval.

He sure let me know that wasn't his favorite color. I think blue might have worked, but I was too young for bluing.

Fact is, all of the forthcoming improvements won't turn heads this time.

I will be all dolled up and no place to go.

If this old girl looks really good with the new do and makeup too, maybe; I should take it a few extra steps and try streaking!

I doubt the boss that I have now would approve.

I can be reached by phone at 812 - 446 - 4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.