Letter to the Editor

Reader remembers 1947

Sunday, October 23, 2011

To the Editor:

Here is some more info on the year 1947 about Brazil, Ind., etc.

The Sherfey and Kidd Co. -- Home of Quality Furniture at reasonable prices-5-7-9 E. National Ave., Brazil, Ind. -- Ph. 491.

W.E. Sherfey Furniture Co. -- 26 E. National Ave.PH 402 or 6506

Brazil Flour and Feed Co. -- 231 W. Church St., Brazil, Ind. Ph. 345

The Brazil Gazette (Weekly) 559 E. National Ave. Ph. 262

Brazil Daily Times E. National Brazil, Ind.

Brazil Chamber of Commerce, C.M. Smith Pres, Linn S. Kidd V-Pres, Ralph McQueen Treas, Wanda Scobell Office Sec, 36 E. National Ave., Ph. 257

Bedwell Tire and Battery Service -- Kelly Springfield Tires, Road Service -- 212 E. National -- Ph 252.,

Miller and Sons Funeral Home-Ambulance Service-Ask those we have served-421 E. National-Since 1906-Ph. 206.

Pennas Studio-16 S. Forest Ave. Ph.11-276.

Nance's Cremery, Ed Nance Pres, John Nance V-Pres-Sec, W.C. Earnhart Tres, Ed Nance Jr. MGR, 115 N. Depot St., Brazil, Ind., PH. 241.

When this information was published, the Sourwine Theater had already been destroy by fire earlier in the year 1947.

However, a new theater called the Cooper was under construction in the same location. It opened in February 1948, with a movie called "The Red Stallion," in color.

It was owned by Stanley A.B. Cooper.

It is now known as the Walnut Theater, Mark Thiemann owner.

This is all for now. I will have more to tell the next time.

Until then, take care and be fair, from the Weddles and Snow Ellen.

John Weddle,