Letter to the Editor

Park Board gives thanks

Sunday, November 6, 2011

To the Editor:

The Brazil City Parks and Recreation Board would like to thank everyone who helped in getting some of the roads in Forest Park paved.

If the many different individuals, groups, organizations and public officials hadn't cooperated in giving their time, energy, equipment and/or money, this project could not have been completed.

This shows what can be accomplished when people work together for a common goal.

Thank you to The Clay County Highway Department employees -- Supervisor Pete Foster, Assistant Supervisor Brad Stultz, Scott Griffith, David Nevins, Steve Downing, Terry Funk, Greg Clement, Jack Wedding, Seth Lawson, Mac Thompson and Marvin Strauch.

Thank you to the Brazil City Street Department employees, Superintendent Brian Bemis and Fred Dowell, also Brazil City Parks employees -- Superintendent Bill Houck, Ed Holt and John Day.

Thank you to Brazil Mayor Ann Bradshaw, Clerk-Treasurer Karen McQueen, the Brazil City Council members -- Pat Heffner, Bill Lovett, Steve Lamb, Sam Glover and Brad Deal, also the Clay County Commissioners -- Paul Sinders, Charlie Brown and Jack Withers.

Thank you to the Popcorn Festival of Clay County, George Kumpf, the North Clay Middle School sixth-graders -- Galahads, and The Brazil Times.

And thank you to anyone who recently or in the past contributed money to the parks for this project. Or you may have donated money and let the Parks Board decide where to best use it.

The roads would not have been paved without the help of all of you.


Brazil City Parks and Recreation Board Ruthann Jeffries, Todd Brackman, Caroline McCullough and Linda Messmer