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New transfer station gets put on hold

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

During the Clay County Commissioners meeting Monday, Brian Moench and Larry Wallace, representing Wallace Brothers, introduced a waste transfer facility project to the commissioners.

By converting existing building No. 4, 2067 United States 40, Brazil, into a transfer station, Wallace Brothers will increase its capability to recycle.

"We've been recycling now for several years," Wallace said, "and we kind of peaked at what we're doing. We really need to go to the next step so we can recycle even more."

The transfer station will consolidate loads of waste and reduce the volume of waste going to the landfill.

"My first question was are we going to become a dumping ground for other states, but that is not the purpose of this in any way, shape or form," Commissioner Paul Sinders said. "We have reviewed this facility and everything that comes in is going to be inside the building. I think this is a very good operation."

Currently, Moench explained, a garbage truck picks up waste at a residence and the waste goes directly to the landfill. With a transfer station, the truck would go from the residence to the station. The waste would be dropped inside the enclosed building to be sorted. All recyclables will be taken out, while the rest of the waste will be sent to the landfill. This will reduce the amount of waste taken to the landfill and will increase the amount of material recycled.

"It's probably, from what I saw, it's probably as clean a place as I've ever seen," Comm-issioner Jack Withers said. "I support it 100 percent."

Wallace explained the transfer station would help the company to employ more people and create more jobs.

"We'd like to see it grow twice as big and employ twice as many people," Brown said.

However, the commissioners were unable to approve the project because they needed a certification from the Solid Waste District and documents on the good character law.

The Clay County Historical Society presented the county with two historical county maps and a county afghan during the Clay County Commissioners meeting Monday. Those present included (from left) Historical Society Vice President Deneta Campbell, Historical Society President Vickie Mace, Commissioner Jack Withers, Commissioner President Charlie Brown and Commissioner Paul Sinders.
Wallace and Moench plan to receive the items as soon as possible. The commissioners will plan a special meeting after they receive the needed information to discuss the issue again.

"Time is of the essence," Moench said. "We're looking at a spring launch."

Brown said the commissioners supported the project, but there are many "hoops they have to jump through."

"The wheels of progress are slow," he said. "I hope you understand."

The Solid Waste District meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Meanwhile, the Clay County Historical Society presented to Clay County two historical Clay County maps and one Clay County afghan blanket through the Clay County Commissioners.

"Your organization should be commended as stewards of our history in Clay County," Brown said to Historical Society President Vickie Mace, "because it is very valuable to us that people like yourself take it upon yourselves to put in your own time and money to preserve this, and you are to be applauded."

"We have a good group of volunteers, and I think we do a lot of good in our community," Mace responded.

Sinders said the people involved with the Historical Society had a reason to be proud of themselves.

"We are very appreciative to receive these," Sinders said. "You do a great job in service to the Clay County people, so thank you very much."

Finally, the commissioners discussed a quote for a secondary air conditioning unit for the Justice Center's computer room.

"We came close to losing vital information from our computers at the Justice Center last year," Brown said.

If the room gets too hot, the servers will overheat and shut down. The Justice Center wants a back up to keep the computer room cool.

"It's not an issue right now," Brown said, who wanted to wait on the issue.

Sinders agreed.

"The county council would definitely have to be involved because there's no money in the budget for this," he said. "I would want this presented to the council because they are a key player in this."

"I would not disagree with the need for a back up, but before we proceed we need to know the feelings of the council and whether there's money available," Sinders continued. "If there's no money available, then there's no need to even give it serious consideration at this point."

In other business, the commissioners:

* Approved a TransCare restructuring contract to change the name of the service,

* Approved Ordinance No. 20-2011 to correct precinct boundaries, Ordinance No. 22-2011 to establish the commissioner districts and Ordinance No. 23-2011 to establish the council districts,

* Approved the title sheet to Bridge No. 1,

* Accepted an amendment to the SRI service master agreement contract. The agreement has all new employees be checked through a website to make sure they're not an illegal alien,

* Signed a contract with Havel Maintenance Program for $3,890 for needed courthouse maintenance. The money needed is available in the courthouse maintenance fund, and

* Approved Resolution No. 9-2011 and No. 10-2011, for increased funding in the 911 and highway funds. The commissioners discussed that the incomes for the funds are drastically decreasing, causing the need for the two resolutions. The resolutions were to be discussed in the Clay County Council meeting.

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