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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We certainly enjoyed pleasant weather last weekend. Today's spotty rain may hinder washday for those wholine dry their laundry. As for me, I just heard the sound of the last buzzer of the day. The fragrance scent of blooming lavender filters out of the warm room.

Bees, lady beetles, elder beetles, birds and butterflies will just have to wait until next spring to add color to my white sheets and towels, darts and pleats.

Besides, like me, the old double clothes line is relaxing a little more each day. Those weathered and withering posts that support us are beginning to lean a bit too. The ground figures into our not so distant future.

This writer mentioned my birthday last week. Well, Friday was the day and the celebration of the milestone was far from ordinary.

I assumed that our daughter, Lori Patrick called me from Denver She said she was coming down with the flu and named about three other complaints in her weakest voice. The surprise maker said she was sitting in front of a drugstore in Denver and wanted advice on the best over- the - counter medication to purchase. She caught me off guard. I believed her.

The call abruptly ended when our Lori said that another caller was on hold on the other line and hung up. A few minutes passed; Lori did not call back.

Then, we heard a knock on the back door. I told the visitor to wait until I secured my little dog. Tootie Mae can be overly affectionate at times, and she has been known to welcome strangers with a hug and kiss. UPS drivers are favorites. I think that could be the uniform. Tootie is such is a cutie!

I opened the screen door and saw no one. I looked to the side, and there stood a tall figure attired in black, including black shiny boots. A black cape covered the head. I thought of Johnny Cash. No way he could visit me on my birthday. The last I heard, he was going to Jackson and died before he got there.

No, that party planning music maker in black came home after a lengthy absence to help me celebrate the occasion.

In the afternoon, before the multi-tasking redhead started her dinner, the hair stylist in training gave me a trim and up - do.

Then she planted a sparkly silver and pink tiara on this big restless head and placed a satin ribbon marked fabulous over my shoulder. That was darn good right there. I don't recall anyone ever using that word to describe me, but her sister, Starla.

Similar sentiments came in from Starla in Scottsdale. She visited shortly before my birthday. Her gift, a beautiful floral arrangement arrived that afternoon, and I received an up-date on the status of my porcelain Princess Kate Middleton bride doll when, she called me later. She and I are doll collectors.

The doll will take her place beside other members of the royal family.

After Lori was satisfied with my new look she removed a new electric skillet from a box among sacks that contained all the food that was necessary to prepare a delicious fried chicken dinner.

I was to do nothing the rest of the day, but entertain. I liked that.

Granddaughter, Sarah Peace arrived with Caiden, Leland and baby Madison to help her mother, Lori. After the children settled in, Sarah brought in a huge, beautifully decorated cake from Baesler's Market.

Next, Starla's oldest son, Michael Risk and his wife Kayleigh Dawn Risk, of Brownsburg arrived at the little blue house at the end of the road. Granddaughter Lindsay Terry and her husband Matthew Terry and daughters, Avery Isabella and Piper Grace joined us. Oh yes, Paul Baby joined right in there too!

The meal was wonderful. I won't only say her chicken was finger licking good, rather, the best ever, thumbs up!

Only little Avery struggled with the tender chicken. After all, she is losing a few baby teeth these days.

The chicken, mashed potatoes, silky smooth white gravy, whole kernel corn and hot rolls pleased everyone, including the exceptionally good cook.

No candle flames flickered on my cake. Lori did not have time to light that many wicks.

Besides that much melting wax could block out "Happy Birthday Grandma Lou!"

Who knew about that nickname? Not I ! How does Grandma Lou sound separated with and, and alongside Paul Baby?

Its worth adding to the best list of other nicknames that I have answered to answer to, in my opinion.

Grandson, Dan Risk called Grandma Lou from California. Granddaughter, Lizzie Cory called from Virginia.

Olivia Cory and Mary Shannon Patrick called from Colorado, as well. Alexis Cory, anther precious granddaughter sent greetings via face book.

Thank God for many blessings. Thanks to everyone else that thought of me--everyone.

Lori Ann returned to Denver this morning and back to family and business as usual.

We miss her already. I had more to tell you, but I must rest now and save that until next time.

I can be reached by phone at 812 - 446 - 4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.