Letter to the Editor

Some people are so cruel

Sunday, November 13, 2011

To the Editor:

It was a big decision my boyfriend and I had to make about getting a puppy last year, not sure if we were ready to take on more responsibility then we already had.

We looked in the paper for months at dog ads and finally decided to get a boxer puppy.

We were super excited to bring our new puppy home to the kids. We fell in love with him instantly.

He was so awesome with our kids, he would run, jump and play with them. Naturally, boxers can be hyper, so as he got a little older, we decided to take him to obedience training twice a week and then sent him home for a few weeks with a trainer.

We still wanted a fun, playful dog, but mind us, when asked too.

We were so pleased with his training and couldn't have asked for a better dog. He was the type to run with his tail wagging when he saw us, loved car rides and playing with all of us.

A few nights ago, I went to check my mail. Our dog followed as always. I saw bright lights on the opposite side of the road. I no sooner got my mail and started for the house just a few feet from me and the mailbox was a truck racing there in my yard.

I heard the worst sound I had ever heard: My dog yelped once and then it sounded as if two cars just collided.

I surely thought the person would stop, but he or she never once braked. I saw more headlights coming down the road. They shined just right and I could see our dog laying in the road.

I waited for the SUV to pass. I ran as fast as I could praying to God our dog was still alive.

He laid there so lifeless he had died from the impact.

The man in the SUV turned around and helped me get my dog from the road and a woman just passing by had stopped as well. She gave me a hug and told me sorry for my loss.

I cannot thank these two caring people enough for stopping. To the man who got my dog out of the road: Thank you from saving him from a few more tires that may have hit him. And to the woman who stopped: Thank you for the hug.

Our dog was not just a dog; he was a part of our family. It is not about the money we have invested in him. It's about the place he has in our hearts.

To whom this may concern, you have left us in devastation and heart broken.

Our dog did not deserve what happened, and I can agree accidents happen, but to be so cold and not even stop, that is pretty heart breaking and inhumane.

I hope you sleep well at night while my kids go to bed at night asking for their dog to please come home.

Something my kids, at this point, can't understand.

Ashley Sabin,

Clay County