Letter to the Editor

What is 'exceptional' living?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

To the Editor:

What is exceptional living?

Food shelter, medical, baths, haircuts, laundry, time tables for everything?

I have went through the past six months on a 24-7 schedule and assisted by my daughter on five evenings a week and after several days in the hospital at Terre Haute, my wife of almost 65 years was sent back to Brazil and was accepted at Exceptional Living on Murphy Avenue.

My wife is on dialysis now for the past six months plus, and being separated from home, she just tells me she wants to die.

Asking me why she is not taken home.

I'm also asked to stay with her, hold my hand and "I just knew I would end up this way."

When you get old, like us; we have wondered who would die first. What would happen to us? We thought our secondary insurance would take care of us. We find that if Med-I-Care doesn't approve of everything that our insurance will not cover us either.

I never thought to check this out before we got old (I'm 84 and my wife is 82).

Now to think about the exceptional part of living. I met some wonderful people there.

For the most part, a family member can stay with them during this adjustment.

They understand what we are going through and I can only admire "Old Dutch Crabb" standing by his wife for so long, going about every day to be with her and even feed her while she was sick.

We talked several times and I understand how he felt.

"Now I know how he felt."

The very first day at check-in for the wife has been smooth and it affects the whole family, but exceptional living is helping us.

You may find that your future may be facing the same circumstances. Visit a friend there or stop in to speak with Sandy or Tonya at the front.

It tears your heart out when your mate thinks you have abandoned them. The professionals like Vickie (RN) know what you are facing. Every shift has some good people with positive attitudes.

A positive outlook on life.

Good people like RN Kathy Harris, Elaine, Samantha, Heather, Barbara, Jessie, RN Boller and the Rehab people are super.

Perhaps you wonder about exceptional living. Check it out.

Tell them Sarge sent you. Ask for Sandy or Vickie to guide you through.

Our whole family is going through this part of life as it affects each of us. No one asked me to write this. I just did to let you know to stop thinking of yourself and think of your loved ones.

Thank you,

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,