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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I could do without this dreary forty- degree rain. This outside girl will stay inside and not allow the corners of my mouth to take a downward turn.

Fact is, one way to add a ray of sunshine to my smile is as close as these keys, I love to visit with you, my readers! I feel better already.

Our youngest granddaughter returned to Denver this morning after spending the holiday with family in Indiana. The perky teenager loves to fly back and forth across the country.

She is hoping to be chosen to participate in the exchange program next year that will take her to France. The grades are admirable, the desire to excel beyond limits is in place and Grandma thinks, why not? The sophomore is already thinking ahead. She wants to attend medical school.

Mary's sister, Sarah Peace cooked a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. She did an excellent job at roasting the turkey -- a first time for Sarah. The sides, including the potatoes that Mary mashed the old fashion way brought back memories of my childhood.

I was asked to carve the golden brown bird. I sliced into that beauty with ease. In no time, the moist meat of that bird filled the heavy antique china platter, an almost picture perfect presentation.

Anyone who has ever carved the turkey knows that job has fringe benefits. I confess there was an extra fork lying amid the table service, with nothing to do. I did enjoy a taste or two of those benefits, before, "Come and get it" could be heard, with the permission of the lovely hostess, for goodness sake!

I baked two pies, cherry and butterscotch, earlier in the day, as per request. I passed on the hickory nut cake. I doubt if the gang ever tasted a hickory nut. Sarah baked the tasty pecan pie.

Everyone enjoyed the meal, laughter and good conversation, but more importantly we were thankful for our many blessings.

All too soon we headed back to Brazil to rest and relive the special day -- Thanksgiving Day 2011.

Saturday, Sarah and her boys transported Mary to the little blue house at the end of the road to spend the night. They visited awhile, before returning to Terre Haute.

Shortly after Sarah left, Mary and us settled in for an evening of rest and relaxation. Tootie nestled in beside Paul and Mary on the loveseat.

Paul's fingers moved across the keys of the remote control, as he feverishly fished for the Military Channel. It would be several minutes before the bombs dropped. Lucky for him, he worked it out before the end of the war.

I retreated into the kitchen to tidy up a bit.

When I returned to the living room, I saw Paul looking out the front windows toward the garage. He said, "Someone is trying to break into the garage." I see more than one. He opened the front door and yelled at them, as any frightened and defensive homeowner might do, in haste.

Out of the darkness of night someone shouted, "We are the Brazil Police. Stay in the house!" Paul closed the door and secured it. The officers resumed their work.

Mary and I were a little nervous and concerned, shaking in our shoes! We worried about what might be going on out there. We saw two trained canines at work just beyond the cedars along the easement. We saw flashing lights in many places.

Tootie Mae paced the floor. Who knows what she was thinking?

We thought that they might be looking for the thief or thieves that stole from our property, recently.

Could that be the same people that threw the beer cans loaded with their DNA under the tall trees close by the crime scene? Some wrongdoers work by day and night and pay themselves with other folks belongings.

I do not trespass, steal or destroy property of others. I have always said, in that regard, "Unless you want to pay our taxes or serve time keep out!"

Well, we were not informed concerning what was going on or down. I reckon we are not supposed to know. I do understand.

We are thankful that we have a hard working team of good well-trained persons watching out for us, at both the city and county level.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or pmlsartor@aol.com.