Public Record

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse Nov. 28- Dec. 1:

Circuit Court -- Civil

Tammy Barnette Vs. Bradley Barnette: Domestic Relations

Security Credit Services Vs. Harold Burton Jr.: Civil Collections

Capital One Bank Vs. Jessica D. Okulovich: Civil Collections

Jean E. Herrberg Vs. Travis B. Mull and Jennifer L. Hall: Civil Tort

Small Claims

Med-1 Solutions LLC Vs. James M. Hodge: Small Claims

360 Realty Vs. Sandy Boatman: Small Claims

Michelle Garrett Vs. Andrea Buddle: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Thomas James Loveless, 24, Cloverdale, and Mercedes Nicole Green, 19, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Christopher David Michael Funk, 18: 1. Possession of marijuana

Lonnie Douglas Cooper, 32: 1. Battery resulting in bodily injury 2. Criminal mischief 3. Criminal recklessness with vehicle battery

Eric Nathanial Mason Jr., 33: 1. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated 2. Endangering a person 3. Operating a vehicle with a schedule I or II controlled substance or ITS 4. Metabolite in the body 5. Driving while suspended

Jack D. Barnett Jr., 32: 1. Battery resulting in bodily injury

Richard J. Blanton, 47: 1. Possession of methamphetamine 2. Maintaining a common nuisance 3. Possession of paraphernalia

Bryan Thomas Owens, 31: 1. Resisting law enforcement

Joseph Nicholas Stedman, 20: 1. Theft 2. Criminal mischief 3. Resisting law enforcement 4. Reckless driving 5. Failure to stop after accident 6. Resulting in damage to unattended vehicle

Jacob Levi Pennell, 19: 1. Theft 2. Receiving stolen property 3. Unlawful use of body armor

Anthony Lee Smith, 21: 1. Intimidation 2. Domestic battery 3. Possession of marijuana