Letter to the Editor

Walking down memory lane

Sunday, December 4, 2011

To the Editor:

Greetings from the Weddles, minus Snow Ellen. She's no longer among the living.

I would wish people a Happy Thanksgiving, but it will be over by the time this is published. However, I can wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Now, here's some more info from 1947:

* Abstracts of Title -- Harry Hendrickson -- Davis Trust Bldg. 117 W. National,

* McQueen and Morgan, 40 E. National, PH. 231, Orman McQueen Mgr.,

* Agriculture Implement and Machinery, Clay County Farm Bureau Co-Op, 126 S. Sherfey. Girton Implement Co., 15 S. Franklin, PH. 11-401,

* Hedge Implement Sales, 25 S. Meridian, PH. 263, Stanley Shopmeyer, Clay City,

* Ambulance Service, Lawson and Son Funeral Home, 354 E. National, PH. 234,

* Miller and Sons Funeral Home, 421 E. National, PH. 206,

* Shoppenhorst Funeral Home, Clay City, PH. Farmers 79, Citizens PH. 14-L,

* Amusements-NS, E. Church between N. Forest and N. Lambert. The athletic field known as Keller Field,

* Antiques -- Daisy Morlan, 615 W. National,

* Auto Accessories and Parts -- Retail, Moore's Auto Supply, 102 W. National, Western Auto, 22 E. National,

* Auto Dealers -- Used, Wm. J. Gibson, 20 N. Sherman,

* Auto Repairs -- Bee Line Garage, 212 W. Church, Fred Bolinger, 547 E. Jackson,

* Bakers -- Retail, Tasty Pastry, 122 W. National,

* Bands and Orchestras -- Brazil Concert Band, 109 W. National,

* Barbers -- Chuck Bass, Charles Burch, Burton Miller, Joe Renfro, Luther Garrison, Hotel Barber Shop, 30 E. National, etc.,

* Beer Distributors -- Albert Morgan, 213 S. Meridian,

* Bicycle Dealers and Repair -- Dick Luther, 206 E. National,

* Bottlers -- Carbonated Beverages, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., 201 S. Depot St.

That's all for now. More about it next time.

Thanks to our Times' Editor Jason Moon for allowing these letters to be published.

Until next time, take care and be fair.

John Weddle,


P.S. -- Snow Ellen was a 4-year-old female white and blue rare Parakeet Bird, not a human being. Just in case the readers thought we were referring to a real girl.