Letter to the Editor

A community challenge

Sunday, December 11, 2011

To the Editor:

In these hard times and with the economy being what it is, many people find themselves in situations where it has become very hard to make ends meet.

Finding the money to support their families, the simplest of things become the hardest to accomplish.

Unforeseen health issues arise, which were not planned for and no insurance to cover them because money was tight.

Many senior citizens are insurance poor and are in no position to help, but see the need for something to be done.

We at the V.F.W. are in a position to be able to help some of our community, our families, our neighbors, cope with these hard times. All it takes is your membership in a proud organization, formed in 1899, to help us find the necessary help for these families.

With your membership and participation in some of our activities, we are able to give more.

I have made it a goal, along with many of my comrades, to not forget those who have served or those who are still serving our flag. Unlike those veterans from past wars who were forgotten, we should never forget again.

But now, many who are not veterans or families of veterans are asking for our help. It takes membership and your patronage in some of our upcoming fundraisers to be able to extend this help.

Please, your support and your membership is needed to help our community in our schools, churches and so many organizations which have found themselves going by the wayside for lack of other support. We have been chartered since March 14, 1933, and will continue to support all our veterans.

But our job doesn't stop with only veterans. We have always answered the call. Now, I challenge you to answer this one.

Robert Bigley,

Commander V.F.W. Post 1127,