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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I am enjoying this beautiful sunshiny day! I just watched a happy cardinal outside of my window. Something in the evergreens, in front of the little blue house at the end of the road fascinates the crested male finch. Could be, he is shopping for a poorly pruned Christmas tree. I can say that because I add the trimmings to those unruly shrubs.

Last week, I told you about the accident that occurred at the home of our grandson, Michael Risk. Today, we received word that major surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. Swelling and bruises prevented further assessment and repair of the damage from being addressed, earlier.

I can only imagine the pain suffered since falling off of that steep roof onto the cement.

We feel like our family received an early Christmas gift, a miracle, if you will. Thank God our Superman is alive.

We call him the aforementioned name because when he was a very young sprout, Mike broke his arm. Dressed in his Superman pajamas and wearing an ear to ear grin, the little dickens tried to imitate his hero and flew off of a piece of furniture. It has been over two decades since that planned tumble.

Several family members will be home for Christmas. Hopefully, Michael will be doing better by then.

My sister and her husband, Gilbert, visited us today. She said they would arrive around noon. Time passed, Tootie had no reason to bark. The security alarm kept its eye closed and sound off.

Then, we heard a familiar knock on the door, Tootie jumped off of her chair and danced around the table leg. I pulled back the backdoor sash. There stood my sister. All I could think of is why did she walk-in? Where is Gilbert and their vehicle? Is he in the ditch or did she ditch him?

She informed us that a motorist was pulling off of Strain Street onto Elm and hit their


Since no one was hurt and the damage was not major, Sandra decided to leisurely walk on down Elm Street past the home place and enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Gilbert stayed at the wreck site until the police arrived and the paperwork was completed.

I am glad everyone is fine and nothing happened to the moist pumpkin bread she baked from scratch baked and covered with a load of creamy icing.

Gilbert brought it in. The four of us ate the delicious little loaf before the pot with the strong juice in it finished perking! Annie had no crumbs to brush away!

I brought out some pictures of a few of our poker faced ancestors, and we had a few laughs and frowns. Then, all too soon the visit was over.

Thanks to the readers I heard from last week. You are appreciated. Some say that they could not find "Brazil Buzz" online last week. When I am not listed in Opinion, type "Brazil Buzz" in search. My column appears in The Brazil Times and online every week.

Happy Holidays!

We have a new e-mail address. I can be reached by e-mail at pmlsartor@frontier or you can reach me by phone at 446- 4852.