Letter to the Editor

A plea to the YMCA of Clay County

Sunday, December 18, 2011

To the Editor:

I haven't seen anything in The Brazil Times regarding the "sale" or vote by the YMCA of Clay County for the purchase and takeover of the Vigo County YMCA.

Here and now in this Christmas season, I must say I'm set against it and ask the "CEO" and "Y" board why you wish to take over a failed YMCA, which has been costing (according to Vigo officials some $11-12,000 per month), when Vigo County has so many large firms or industries whom could help support it all along the way.

And the fact that Vigo County has such a much larger population than Clay County.

Yes, I know, some would say I'm sticking my nose into something that doesn't concern me.

However, with the economy in such a bad mess, watching lines form at the one food pantry and the world market as a big question mark what with the European nations on the verge of collapse, and the stock market gone crazy up and down, CEO being charged with fraud everywhere, businesses going bankrupt, and food prices going up and up and up ... and little old Brazil wants to take over Vigo YMCA ... the CEO and board had to vote in favor or it wouldn't be in the newspaper.

Yes, you can say that all donations from Clay County will stay in Clay County. But don't ask me to sponsor anyone again knowing that taking on a failing Y in a larger county is sound judgment.

Sincerely and sorry,

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,


P.S. -- I would like to hear it from each board member why a sound proper deal as to the advantages as such.