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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We have been busy as bees lately.

This is no time for dull moments.

Paul learned that he needs corrective eye surgery.

VA will schedule it to happen in early spring.

Our grandson Michael is recovering from his recent accident.

On our return trip from the VA Friday afternoon, we stopped by his home in Brownsburg.

We missed seeing Mike, but we did see evidence of the accident.

Michael's unfinished decorating project lie before us.

Ever since Mike became a homeowner, decorating during the holiday season has lifted his spirits and brought viewing pleasure to family, friends and casual observers.

I learned that a sales associate at Lowe's Home Improvement, who Michael worked with to plan out the lighting portion of the tasteful display, heard about the accident.

The man went to Michael and Kay's home during his lunch hour and completed the job.

Tonight, the home and landscape is aglow. Things are looking up for Mike and we are looking up as well.

God must be smiling, too.

Check this, Michael's brother-in-law Matthew Terry, and his sister, Lindsay Terry, posted a picture of the home on Facebook, and Grandma stopped by.

This Christmas, Starla's stepdaughter, Alexandria Leigh, will join in the festivities.

We look forward to meeting the latest member to our family.

Our grandson, Denisl Risk, and his new bride, Amber, will be home for Christmas as well.

Dan is still working for Ashton Kutcher, in West Hollywood, pursuing his masters at Chapman, Dodge School of Media Arts and filming other projects.

Amber has recently been accepted at Chapman, but declined, because she landed a great and interesting full-time job at a Marriot Vacation Hotel.

There will be plenty of time for advanced studies later.

Starla and Bruce gifted her sister, Lori Patrick, air travel from Denver to Scottsdale and a ticket to an Alice Cooper concert.

I am sure those three enjoyed the performance of that entertainer.

He is amazing.

All I know is Dad used to shoot creatures that pulled heads off of chickens with their mouths.

His loud music and the fireworks show that followed did not cost us a dime, more exactly; we ate chicken any day of the week including Sundays. Yum to that.

I plan to make my sister's Christmas special too.

I can't buy her a ticket, but I can transport her back to the past. I plan to cook her and her husband Gilbert Gallardo a nice meal and take her back down memory lane.

A chicken dinner sounds like the perfect gift.

Happy Holidays to one and all. I give you a Christmas poem that I penned several years ago.

The Recital

Memories of Christmastime many years ago

A little girl stood before a crowd

And became the focus of the show

I was very timid sort of bashful you might say

But when I stood up and recited that poem, I was a showman all the way

"Poor Little Christmas Dolly," the title of that poem

I was so proud the day I brought it home

No one listened as I memorized each line

I practiced every day until it sounded absolutely fine

I don't know why I was chosen to stand up there alone

But the teacher embraced me as if I were her very own

She came to get me in a shiny car

I sat between her fiancÚ Arthur

I felt just like a star

I delivered that big poem with everything I had

Even though sadness overwhelmed me

By means of the absence of mom and dad

If only they could have seen me in my finest hour

There would have been more shine

To their tiny little star

Mary Lou Lynch Sartor

The angel in this poem was my fourth-grade teacher, the late Kathryn Howald Myers

Now I have forgotten most of the long poem, but my admiration and love for "Katie" lives on.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pmlsartor@frontier.com.