Letter to the Editor

Reader disagrees with Congressman

Monday, December 26, 2011

To the Editor:

I am writing to respond to Rep. Buschon's letter that was recently published.

Please feel free to fact check me on the following.

First of all, the unemployment rate is now down to 8.6 percent, not "north of 9 percent," like you wish it was.

When President Obama took office in 2009, the unemployment rate was 7.8 percent. He did say that unemployment would stay below 8 percent, admittedly presumptuous, but I happen to like a leader that is optimistic.

When the stimulus package was fully employed, it basically stopped runaway unemployment in its tracks, along with lowering our taxes and saving Detroit.

(I like the bumper sticker I saw the other day -- "Bin Laden's dead and Detroit isn't.").

Another inconvenient truth for Republicans is that when President Bush took office (and I do mean took), the unemployment rate was 4.2 percent.

When he finished, it was 7.8 percent.

For President Obama to slow it down and stop it is the result of the stimulus package.

President Reagan tripled the national debt and president doubled it, another inconvenient truth not reported by the lamestream media.

I understand why Rep. Buschon doesn't want the previous tax rates for the wealthy to be restored, he will probably see his taxes go to the level they used to be.

I know it is tough arithmetic, but when President Bush cut the tax rates for his base (the wealthy), it resulted in a loss of revenue for the government.

I do have a question for the Republicans: Last December, Republicans would not agree to extending unemployment benefits for those out of work unless the Democrats went along with extending the tax cuts for the wealthy. (Fact) Their rationale was that we needed to eliminate the "uncertainty" of what the tax rate would be for these "job creators."

So the Democrats folded and agreed so the unemployed could make it through the winter.

Now, here is the question for the Republicans: Where are the jobs?

Let me let you in on something: The wealthy couldn't care less about creating jobs. They care about keeping as much money as possible and more power to them.

Here is something else to look up.

Do you know there is less regulation under President Obama than there was when President Bush was in office?

Why is it that when President Bush doubled the national debt, nothing was said?

But as soon as President Obama took office, it was, "Oh my God -- the national debt!"

I'm positive President Obama didn't like having to spend the money for the stimulus package, but it saved us, and we will make it through this because we've had tougher times than this and came through.

I hope after the next election cycle, Rep. Buschon will have to go back to actually working for a living and get his hand out of the government till.


Doug Rowe,