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County receives Vietnam Veteran display

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

During the Clay County Commissioners special meeting, (from left) Councilwoman Rita Rothrock, John Nicoson, who's worked to improve local Vietnam memorials, and State-appointed Veterans Representative Don Moreau presented Clay County with a display of local servicemen who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. Accepting the display on behalf of the county were (from left) Commissioner Paul Sinders, Commissioner President Charlie Brown, Auditor Mary Jo Alumbaugh and Commissioner Jack Withers. [Order this photo]
A framed display of local Vietnam veterans was presented to Clay County during the Clay County Commissioners special meeting Tuesday.

The display features photographs of the 10 servicemen who are named on the Vietnam War Memorial in front of the Clay County Courthouse.

"This picture will help us all remember that behind each name was a serviceman from Clay County," John Nicoson, who presented the display, said. "That's one thing that people sometimes forget."

The pictures of the men were gathered by Ray Johnson, Brazil, Phillip Dickerson, Plano, Texas, and Nicoson, Brazil. Chuck Galloway of Galloway Photo, Terre Haute, donated the display after working to restore the pictures and create the display. Galloway is a Vietnam veteran who served from 1968-69.

"Vietnam was a tragic time in our lives," Commissioner President Charlie Brown said. "People try to forget it, but it was there. A lot of people lost their lives over there, and others lost their lives when they came home for reasons that had to do with the war."

Nicoson reminded those attending the meeting that the Vietnam War started in August 7, 1964, and ended May 27, 1975.

"I want to thank you for your efforts," Commissioner Paul Sinders said to Nicoson. "I know this is something that is a major concern to you -- rightfully so. I know this didn't happen over night, and I know for a fact that when you are a part of a project of this nature, it takes a lot of time, energy and dedication. I'm a firm believer that the United States is what we are today because of our veterans."

Clay County Councilwoman Rita Rothrock and State-appointed Veterans Representative Don Moreau attended the meeting for the presentation of the display.

"When I came home from Vietnam, it was rough," Moreau said. "The American people were not appreciative of the fact that we had been there. Since then, there's been a resurgence of recognition that young men and women do not start wars. They go do what their country tells them to do. So now, with what's going on, we've honored our veterans and taken good care of our returning veterans."

Meanwhile, the commissioners opened highway bids. They opened one for fuel from Sara Solutions. Other bids opened were from S & G Excavating, Inc., Terre Haute, S & G Excavating Lincoln Park Quarry, 243 Quarry, Cloverdale, Hanson Aggregate, Cloverdale, Asphalt Materials, Rockville, Wabash Valley Asphalt, Terre Haute, and Dave O'Mara Contractor, Inc., Bloomington. The commissioners took the bids under advisement to have them put on the agenda for the January meeting. The bids need to be looked over by County Attorney Eric Somheil, who is on vacation this week.

During the meeting, the commissioners approved the animal control contract with Clay County Humane Shelter.

"I've always been a great support of the Clay County Humane Shelter, but we need your help," Sinders said to Anita Hightshoe, Clay County Humane Shelter board president. "I get telephone calls from people who say the shelter won't take their animals. People are not going to accept the fact, as taxpayers, that we have a contract with you for 'x' amount of money, and then you refuse their animal."

Hightshoe explained that this is a space issue.

"We don't euthanize for space," she said. "We only euthanize when an animal is terminal or severely injured, and the vet does it. The vet has to give the approval. We try to do everything we can to transfer animals."

During the meeting, the commissioners also discussed the following:

* American Disability Act (ADA) Coordinator Bryan Husband discussed a project the county is mandated to do. He attended an ADA transition-planning meeting to find out what components go into the project. Husband plans to put together an ordinance for the January meeting concerning the policy and design of the project. The beginning steps of the mandate include: Having at least 50 employees, appointing an ADA coordinator, drawing an agreements procedure, generating maps of all unincorporated areas with sidewalks and obtaining an inventory assessment methodology.

"They are serious about making all public entities have some sort of a plan," Sinders said.

Husband has been working on the components for the project.

"While this is being adopted, we can get a lot of this stuff done," Husband said,

* Somheil wrote a contract for all non-for-profit county agencies. He sent the contracts to the qualifying organizations. Four of the organizations signed the contracts including Child and Adult Resource Service (CARS), Clay City Senior Citizens, Clay County Historical Society and Clay County Indiana Council on Age and Aging (Brazil Senior Citizens). The commissioners accepted the contracts for the four organizations. Two of the qualifying organizations have not sent the contract back to the commissioners. The contracts will be put on the agenda for the January meeting,

* The commissioners decided to have an ordinance written for the January meeting to reimburse the Clay County Courthouse head custodian and the Clay County Justice Center assistant custodian for the use of their own personal cell phones. The employees are always on call and use their own cell phones for their jobs. After researching other employee cell phone bills, the commissioners decided on a monthly reimbursement of $47 for the head custodian position. Because the assistant custodian is a part-time job, the commissioners calculated the time and money. The assistant works 21 hours per week, 60 percent of full-time work. The commissioners decided to reimburse the assistant 60 percent of the full-time position, coming out to $28.20 per month. The ordinance will be discussed in January,

* The commissioners signed an extension contractual agreement with Purdue University for 2012,

* The commissioners accepted the Clay County Courthouse closing days as presented with the following exceptions: The courthouse will close Monday, Dec. 31, 2012 at noon, claims will be due Dec. 10, claims will be advertised Dec. 19 and claims will be paid Dec. 27, to help the auditor's office,

* The commissioners approved a contract with Great America Leasing Corporation on behalf of the Clay County Superior Court, and

* The commissioners approved two maintenance contracts with Havel. The contract for the Justice Center has increased by $1,160.

"The vacuum system over there maintains the septic system," Brown said. "The oil in there is very expensive. It's synthetic oil that has never been changed. It would cost $25,000 to replace one of those pumps. The increase of $1,160 is to do maintenance on the vacuum pumps."

The county council had approved $21,000 for 2012. The cost puts them $160 over budget. The commissioners approved the contract with a pending transfer of money after Jan. 1.

The second contract is for the Clay County Courthouse with an increase of $40 per year. The budget had enough money to cover the cost for the courthouse. The commissioners approved the contract.

The next commissioners meeting will be Tuesday, Jan. 3, because the first Monday of the month will be observed as a holiday.

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