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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas decorations, gifts and beautiful memories of the day are stored away in their proper places.

The little blue house at the end of the road has been returned to usual good order.

Tootie Mae admired her new sweater in front of the mirror on the antique dresser in the bedroom this morning.

The little dachshund liked what she saw.

Then, she turned around to see if I noticed. I did.

Then, she curled up on the tapestry-covered stool and enjoyed a quick nap and some doggy dreams.

I have been feeling rather poorly lately. With any luck, the specialist will solve my problem.

The first measurable snowfall was beautiful.

This morning, Paul and I headed out for the VA Medical Center, Indianapolis, before daylight.

Snowflakes were falling and the pavement was wet, but aside of that, traffic moved smoothly all the way.

He had three appointments today concerning his approaching eye surgery.

It looks as if the painter will need to set aside his easel a few days. His latest oil painting, titled "Little Blue House at the End of the Road," has been sealed, signed and delivered to Michael and Kayleigh.

Painter Paul asked the other family members that viewed his work what they desired in regard to their paintings. Everyone wanted the same.

Lori appreciated old barns, so, she wants a rural landscape featuring a barn.

Other family members will come forward with their wants.

Paul loves everything from fine art by the old masters to my work.

Yes, I dabble a little in oils, although, nothing to compare.

The other day, as he was adding the last brush strokes to the landscape, he asked me if I would like to paint.

I had sketched many pictures of varied subjects over the years, but I last painted more than a half century ago.

That fine array of brushes and an ample amount of paint to share seemed to say, "Come on old girl, you can do it."

I thought about the first time I worked with the medium, all those years ago.

I was so pleased when my art teacher, the late Mary Buckley, offered up favorable remarks, as she critiqued the picture.

An image surfaced as vivid as yesterday of the lady that taught me to make sausage people in the first-grade and tested my artistic abilities as I advanced through 11 more grades that followed.

I accepted Paul Baby's invitation.

I think Miss Buckley would like that.

Fact is, Grandpa Sartor started something in this family.

We all like to dabble a little with art.

While I am on the subject of art, I must mention a special gift that Paul received from Starla this Christmas.

While at a company convention, she attended a charity auction.

Of all the beautiful paintings and lithograph prints and other valuable authentic works, one in particular caught her eye.

She out-bid everyone and acquired her dad's Christmas gift -- an 11-by-14 authentic photograph titled, "The Flag Raising on Iwo Jima," dated Feb. 23, 1945.

The last three Medal Of Honor recipients of Iwo Jima surviving -- Jack H. Lucas, George E. Wahlen and Hershel W. Williams, signed the picture.

The black and white photo is framed, professionally matted and edged in red, white and blue ribbon.

We add three more links to our long chain of brave American heroes of World War II.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pmlsartor@frontier.