Letter to the Editor

Clearing up thoughts regarding the YMCA

Monday, January 2, 2012

To the Editor:

After a few phone conversations, I want to clear up some ideas that still linger about the YMCA lease, contract or otherwise agreement to take charge of the Terre Haute Y.

It's the business of all Clay County to be involved in activities such as our YMCA.

I think back to the years when the local Y was going to build a swimming pool. They were planning to raise money for this.

Also, I remember that we had "rumors" that the school corporation was thinking about building a pool.

And it seemed that both projects didn't go very far.

Perhaps if one was to build then the other would just forget it as Brazil didn't need two pools, having a summertime park pool.

It just wasn't feasible. Anyway, they weren't built, as we know.

Now, we have a private indoor pool that many could and did take advantage of and at that time, no one had to make a trip out of town to go to another to use their pool.

Not withstanding having a large turnout of children and teens wanting to travel to Terre Haute to swim at their Y, so I'm just wondering if perhaps it's adults that wanted to take advantage of Terre Haute's pool.

I'm also wondering if the Brazil Y board and CEO have asked Serving On The Streets (S.O.S.) about any combined activities.

It seems that S.O.S. has a large amount of children (families) involved in the old junior high location activities, and the children there might increase YMCA membership and membership could possibly be reduced.

Both are Christian organizations, and I, as a young fellow, grew up at the old "Y," playing ping pong, pool and many other activities, which kept me off the "street."

Football in high school kept me in school.

I could go on and on, but I feel Brazil is making a big mistake.

I see where Terre Haute has another large industry going in.

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,