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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year! Paul and I stayed home on New Year's Eve. We watched the entire celebration that took place in Times Square.

The crowd was highly energized. The host, Ryan Seacrest, as per usual, put his best foot forward.

Dick Clark, always an inspiration, was on hand to usher in the new year.

The dance music fell short of what Guy Lombardo and his orchestra once delivered. We were busy talking and eating air- popped corn sprinkled and tossed with butter and loaded with celery salt. We toasted with cold water and lots of it, just because.

We seniors didn't hear much of the nonsensical lyrics and loud notes of the music makers that rocked and rapped us into the New Year.

The crowd moved with the music and behaved for the most part.

Everyone appeared to be extremely happy and good times rolled, as never before.

Justin Beiber gave a good performance, but current Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga, the masked vixen from Mars failed to deliver the best of best wishes from her planet.

I could almost see Madonna flexing her muscles and could hear her remarks.

I am not sure if she called her a kitten or a copycat.

Jenny McCarthy placed a lip- lock on one of New York's finest, a cop.

He reciprocated, and later, both the celebrity and the officer drew criticism.

She was wound up like a top.

Midnight struck, Gaga and Mayor Bloomberg set the big blue ball in motion. The object dropped just as Gaga and the good mayor lip-locked, shortly before she adjusted her mask and found her lip balm our the phone rang.

Our Scottsdale connection called to wish us another good year.

We woke up this cool, gray morning ready to step into the new year with positive attitudes.

This afternoon, the sun is shinning brightly, and all is well.

Did you make any New Year's resolutions? I did. I mentioned one already. Think positive! I believe in the late , Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's words of wisdom and truth.

More than ever now, I must adhere to that mind-set and stop worrying about the "what ifs" concerning our present health issues.

I resolve to finish another book and take more time to stop and smell the roses. We never seem to find that precious time.

Most of all, I plan to be kinder to everyone, including myself and be all that I can be. Mom and Dad would want the same for me, as always.

Tootie Mae enjoyed the holidays, but slept all through the festivities last night.

Aside of a quick snack in the kitchen and side trip to the potty, she slept. When Carrie Underwood performed, she stirred, opened one eye and moved her tail back and forth like a run-a-way pendulum.

I smoothed the wrinkles out of her new sleeveless sweater.

Toot sighed and nodded off into the new year.

Our grandson Daniel and his bride Amber have a new best friend. They named the little cutie, Bruce Wayne. Their little fluffy dog received a new Colts jersey.

Young Bruce posed for Facebook family and friends and all of the cyber world to see.

We could tell that the Risk pup wasn't thrilled about it.

Pets are such a great joy.

Our hearts break when we think of all the neglected, helpless and homeless animals that no one wants. So many never feel wanted.

Like people, they need love and attention too.

My computer woes have been solved by the technical help that I received from my new internet provider. Security issues have been addressed.

Shame on the person(s) responsible for my problems.

Please note the newest e-mail address below, before you go. You might want to make or break my day.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pamsarq@frontier.com.