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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I was slightly off concerning my weather prediction. Reminders of cold blasts from the past happened a bit sooner last week.

Thanks to this utility room closet organizer, boots and heavier outerwear were handy and ready to go. I even found a matched pair of warm fuzzy gloves free of holes.

Paul and I visited the VA Medical Center in Indianapolis last Friday. We allowed for extra time. We experienced a few slick spots, but saw only one stranded motorist. His truck ran out of gas. We noticed a fellow traveler teasing his tank with a little container filled with the necessary engine booster.

The eye looked good according to the doctor. He will need to make a return visit in a month. Now, when Paul Baby stares at me I am not sure what's on his mind. The lid seems to be grinning.

Next, we visit the specialist to see what's going on with me. I fear the trouble is more than meanness this time.

I received a call from our youngest granddaughter, my namesake, Mary Shannon Patrick. She was in route to pick up her passport. Our gifted scholar is a sophomore at Lakewood High School located in the Denver area.

She will be traveling to France this spring, to participate in the exchange program.

Our granddaughter is a student of French. She is most interested in learning more about the country's culture and expanding their knowledge of ours. The history buff will have an opportunity to visit places of interest that relate to World War I and more.

Mary is the daughter of Clifford Patrick and Lori Sartor Patrick.

I can not say that I have traveled to any far away places, unless Tijuana, Mexico counts. Then, I had too many stars and dust in my eyes to take notes. Fact is, those same brown eyes that I mentioned earlier in this article were smiling out of control then also. Imagine that! It is no wonder the tired lids and associated, sagging muscles needed a lift.

Today, the sun is shining brightly on the little blue house at the end of the road. Caesar, our birddog is watching a small group of birds flitting about foraging for seeds from the brambles beyond his pen.

The landscape is picture puzzle perfect today. I just needed to make more than the usual footprints in the snow while performing outside chore duties this morning. The air was refreshing.

It's clear to see the nocturnal animals are moving about regardless of the change in the weather. Every night the yard is visited by several members of the herd of Whitetails. There is an abundance of food, green grasses and such to feast on. They share nibbling space with rabbits.

A large dog or more travels about our space, as well. Unlike the kennel of beagles that my father once owned, these dogs aren't interested in chasing the deer or rabbits. Rather, their motto must be, "Live and let live." They make tracks, leave their calling cards and move on. I reckon, that is right neighborly of them.

I am about to undertake a long overdo bathroom makeover. I plan to give it a fresh new look. I will not expound upon warm color choices of the walls and woodwork and a more updated look, rather; eyes that view my comfort station will see far less on the walls.

When I moved here back down the road to the last house on Elm Street in the late '80's, this old fashioned girl covered the freshly painted and papered walls with several of my favorite things, artwork included.

Down goes the matted Rockwell print of the boy on stilts, spooking his dog. Down goes the collection of porcelain and glass pigs, that needed to break out of the wicker pen long before now -- out!

The framed original painted by a starving artist of a black lady hanging her clothes on the line by the outhouse that her little boy is about to visit almost too late is a keeper.

I hate to make the moves, but the three framed marriage licenses of loved ones will find a new home in a spare room. I personally find those pieces of history wall worthy.

My maternal grandparents, John Andrew Siner of Asherville and Edith M. Green of Hooserville were wed at Greenup, Illinois on Jan. 22, 1903.

Mother's oldest sister's license is special to me. The work of art states that Clarence B. Crouse of Hoosierville married Thelma M. Siner of Hoosierville on Sept. 8, 1927.

My own parents have a place of honor on the wall above the tub.

Hugh B. Lynch Jr. of Brazil and Geneva Edith Siner of Hooserville were married by Rev, Bigler, April 16, 1933.

Our license remains in the vault yellowed by time, unfit for bathroom presentation.

My, my, would you believe I have a set of six of gold edged signed theme plates of Victorian ladies hanging on the north wall and an oil painted by Florence Kroger of a young girl mounted near the entry door.

Poems and things and hooks and brackets. All I see is too much work and too much racket. Maybe, I 'd better pack it and hang a photo of Tootie Mae wearing her winter jacket!

This writer knows what you are thinking . The "Buzz" gal is a hoarder! No -- wrong. I only have one marriage license with my name on it. Paul calls me a "keeper!"

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pamsarq@frontier.com.