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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saturday, the mailman did not deliver mail to the folks who dwell in little blue house at the end of the road. We weren't expecting much mail, other than; we missed Saturday's edition of The Brazil Times.

Elm Street was very slick and evidence of little travel could be seen past the cemetery's main entrance. Our own tracks did not make it beyond the main garage.

Deer played all over the yard Friday night and into the wee hours of the morning. Four legs are better than a wobbly pair when it comes to slippery ground. The animals move about with ease.

I observed the big buck moved along the cedar windbreak, carefully. Maybe he avoids wide open spaces under certain conditions. He sure did look like a chicken to me.

One hit the gutter, outside our bedroom window and popped the rivets off of the drain pipe. That taught me to stop pecking on the window. They don't appreciate the action.

If I were not dealing with insomnia, fact is; I'd miss watching the night-time visitors.

Paul lost one of his favorite rings at either Aldi's or Walmart, last week.

The ring fell from his finger without notice. If anyone found a man's ring last Friday, in either store or parking lots please give us a call. I know it is a long shot, but I believe in honest people and hope.

The silver ring means far more to my husband than monetary value.

I have found several items over the years. What a wonderful feeling to be able to return them to rightful owners. It is not about praise or reward that makes a finder smile. It is more at knowing you did the proper thing - a good deed.

Once, I found a small pocketbook on the playground by the back steps of Alabama Street School. I gave the article to my teacher, Miss Dorothy Killion. The little black leather coin-type purse belonged to Miss Helen Riddell, another teacher.

I don't know when or how she lost it, but I know she was smiling when it was found. My teachers at home smiled too!

We found a billfold while in route to Linton, on Longtree Road several years ago. Paul and I took it to a farmhouse nearby. The billfold belonged to the landowners elderly brother. The man had just departed from the premises on his John Deere tractor. The billfold fell from a bibbed overall pocket, no doubt, when the tractor cleared the driveway.

The sister did a short audit of the purse, examined all contents and established we were on the level after she questioned the old man about the contents. Her brother verified everything was intact. She seemed satisfied, then and started some idle chit-chat, even offered refreshments. We declined the offer.

The old man really did appreciate our honesty. The funds on hand were from his Social Security check and everything else inside was important. Best of all, we made him smile.

It is always nice to return strayed pets to their owners. We have had some success with that too. All animals love a trip to the woods on occasion. Several have found their way to our doors over the years.

The Clay County Humane Society has always been a good source of contact in that regard. The staff and volunteers reach beyond the extra mile to care, locate and relocate dogs and cats, even horses and more, Whenever possible, they return strays to their rightful owners, unless the environment from which they came from is not appropriate for the well- being of the animal(s).

I also like to find things I misplace or lose, on my own. A couple of weeks ago I was thinking I lost my gold/opal hoop earring at the VA Medical Center in Indianapolis. I thought the lost item was nowhere, anywhere around here. I was disappointed.

This girl of the '50's was prepared to wear one of a pair and pull one side of my lifeless hair downward and the other back, a trademark style similar to the one the movie star Veronica Lake once wore so well. Oh, I was not expecting the same glamorous look. I just wanted to find a use for a single earring.

Then, one day, while on my way to the main garage to retrieve a loaf of frozen bread from the freezer, I found the piece of gold jewelry. The treasured bobble beside the mailbox was only slightly damaged.

The fuel truck or the mail truck might have run over it a few times, but my handy needle nosed pliers helped me take matters into hand.

The reunited pair are now, safely set aside in a velvet pouch, saved for a special occasion.

I am wearing classic Avon earrings today, a reminder of my prize winning sales of the fragrance, Charisma.

Someone lost the companion pin somewhere between Eastside School and our house on Alabama Street. The shiny broach, a touch of home from Avon sure did look fine on her red leather-like jumper and showed up nicely in her school picture as well.

The little charismatic cutie has a birthday this week. Happy Birthday Starla!

I can be reached by phone at 446- 4852 or by e-mail at pamsarq@frontier.com.