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In History

Thursday, February 2, 2012


The following item in the Chicago Tribune Sunday will be of interest to Brazil readers:

Members of the Indiana University track teams, which have built up a national reputation in the last few years, will make strong bids for positions on the United States Olympic team this spring.

Ivan Fuqua, Brazil, Ind., is getting ready for an intensive campaign for the Olympics in his first year of eligibility as a varsity trackman. Fuqua formerly held the national interscholastic records in the 100 and 440 yard dashes as a member of the Brazil High School track squad.

Terry Druggan and Frankie Lake today joined the group of five other gangsters sentenced to Leavenworth penitentiary for violation of the income tax laws.

U.S. District Judge James H. Wilkerson, trial judge in the similar case of Al Capone, sentenced Druggan to two and a half years and fined him $5,000. Lake was given 18 months and a $2,500 fine.

The pair pleaded guilty to tax evasion but sought to avoid a prison sentence with a contention they had attempted to pay their taxes but were turned down by the government. They are expected to be taken to Leavenworth Friday.

War has been declared on the "slacker dollar." President Hoover has called upon American citizens as a patriotic duty to bring $1,300,000,000 out of hoarding and put it to work in a "war against depression." He urged all hoarders to put their money to work -- either "by conservative investment or by deposits in sound institutions."

These dollars hidden under mattresses, in stockings, cookie jars, and safe deposit boxes. They are earning no interest for their owners. They are tying up billions of dollars in credit.

Everett A. Davisson, referee in bankruptcy of the district court of the United States, Terre Haute division, announces that the sale of the Martin Carberry store and equipment will be held at the place of business, 218 West National Avenue, Brazil, at 10 a.m., Feb. 15. The store will be offered for sale for cash either as a whole or in parts. The stock, fixtures, equipment, machinery and automobile trucks are to be sold.

The first of the 1932 crop of maple syrup in Clay county arrived on the market here Saturday, several farmers operating sugar water camps bringing a few cans of their product to the city for sale. The maple sap was late in getting started on its annual flow this year on account of the lack of freezing weather during the greater part of January. The recent cold snaps, however, have caused a good flow of the sap and maple syrup makers are expecting a big run this year if the present weather holds. Freezing weather at night and thawing weather during the day is necessary for a good run of sugar water from the maple trees.


Announcement that the General Furniture Co. will cease to operate its branch store in Brazil came as a decided shock to many homemakers of this community, for during the past several years the General has been closely associated with local business life. The loss of their lease here makes their removal from Brazil necessary the management states. Most of the Brazil store's personnel, including Willard 'Sonny' France and Miss Verna Jones will be transferred to the main store in Terre Haute.

One hundred thousand men have volunteered in the navy since the Dec. 7 attack on Pearl Harbor. The navy announced this today as it reiterated its intention to obtain its manpower through voluntary enlistment.

The navy did not reveal its present total enlisted strength, but it said enlistments have averaged 1,786 a day since Pearl Harbor.

Twenty-five young men representing a cross section of Clay county's population left Selective Service headquarters in the Davis Trust Co. Building this morning for induction into military service. A good sized crowd of relatives and friends gathered but the crowd evidently had steeled itself for the occasion, the boys were sent off in good spirits as possible.

The following young men left today John H. Zeller, Brazil; Harold E. Lash, Brazil; George T. Sneddon, Brazil; Wayne Foulke, Center Point; John R. Lloyd, Brazil; Elmis Kress, Jasonville; Charles Emerson Johnson, Brazil; Lafe F. Ahlemeyer, Poland; Vern R. Amerman, Clay City; Kermit A Cagle, Brazil; James M. Knox, Center Point; Walter Kenneth Harbaugh, Clay City; Russell W. Marshall, Center Point; George W. Bridgewaters, Carbon; David E. Warner, Jasonville; John Easley, Clay City; Glendle D. Cooprider, Clay City; Courtland Woodruff, Jr., Clay City; Herschel Bernhardt, Brazil; George H. Stearley, Center Point; Warren L. Brock, Clay City; Richard E. Putoff, Clay City; Edwin G. Lucas, Brazil; Max D. Pool, Jasonville; Milton R. Short, Brazil.

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