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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A writer's perspective of Super Bowl XLVI Sunday

Monday, February 6, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS -- Signs, signs -- everywhere signs. That's the name of the game when you're going to a Super Bowl it seems. If you don't like signs, then keep clear of the Super Bowl. Every person you talk to says, "follow the signs" or "look for the signs" or my favorite, "Did you read the signs?" The good news is it's easy to find your away around.

Best sign I've seen so far:

* Ticket: $1,000,

* Flight and Hotel: $2,500,

* Watching Eli beat Brady again?,

* Priceless.

After watching and hearing the game plan of most people, I decided to leave a little later and it proved to be the best call. I think I hit a pocket between the two pilgrimages to the stadium, so it was easy going coming in.

I made my way to security and had to wait as a drug canine sniffed our bags and confirmed we were all on the up and up.

I was chatted up by a man who seemed a little too nervous that the dog was deployed, but everything went well.

The wait provided a few stagnant moments, but then it was off to the stadium itself. Once arriving, I was told to take a left and follow... you guessed it, the signs.

The problem with this method was I was told to turn left when I actually needed to turn right, so I roamed around the stadium until I noticed the numbers were not going in my favor. I did a quick about-face and rode the two escalators to the heavens to where my seat was.

And when I say the heavens, I'm not exaggerating by much. I was one row from the top of the stadium. I'm glad they didn't have the roof open or I would be fearful I might get sucked out.

Truth be told, the seats weren't that bad. A good view of the entire field and both endzones.

Player warm-ups were pretty cool as well. The crowd reaction was just a sample of what was to come. Up to that point, it was quiet, but when the teams hit, the crowd came alive, cheering for their respective squad.

Even from this height, those guys look like monsters down there.

This was my third trip to Lucas Oil in the past two years and it was a completely different environment. The usual blue and white of the Colts was non-existent, replaced by the Giants and Patriots respective colors.

I'll admit, it looks weird to have a Patriots logo in an endzone at Lucas Oil Stadium.

They keep showing it, but I can't get enough of the Giants' Steve Weatherford running around the field shouting "We're going to the (expletive) Super Bowl!"

The biggest difference between watching the big game at home and in person, besides the atmosphere, is the delays.

I know while I'm listening to Motley Crue blaring over the speakers, the good folks at home are watching the best commercials of the year.

Also I got a non-funny skit by Jimmy Fallon. Thanks for that, sir.

The delays are almost unbearable. Players are on the field waiting to roll, fans are ready to cheer and we all have to wait until a little man in a headset and orange oven mitts gives the signal we're ready to go live.

Well, Madonna's getting ready to take the field (yeah), so I'm going to leave you now so I can get my Vogue on.

You can catch Part 2 of my Super Bowl adventure will be in Wednesday's edition of The Brazil Times.