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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mary Lou Sartor
A Day of Love

St. Valentine A special day

For lovers, tried and true;

Its customs are so very old,

And yet they're so very new.

So its no matter if you send

A paper valentine

With ribbons, lace and lettering,

A sentimental line;

Some flowers, or candy, or a gift--

Perhaps a jewel rare--

To fan the flame of sentiment

In a heart of lady fair.

St. Valentine will still approve

If given in his name,

No matter what the price or style,

For love is just the same.

Leticia Morse Nash

Valentine's Day is almost here. We have already consumed most of the sweets from the Whitman's sampler that Cupid's helper in Arizona sent us last week.

The gift giver recalled when she and her sister, Lori received small boxes of Whitman's chocolates from their father when they were children.

She added that I, then, shared my heart shaped box of chocolates with them. She mentioned in her sentiments that tradition became a warm loving memory.

The girls always gave us special valentines too. Several came from the package, or punch-outs from a book, but others were creatively constructed from special paper and blunt scissors. The verses were handwritten, heartfelt and sweet.

I remember doing the same for my mom, my teachers, girls and a couple of boys that appreciated special valentines from me back in the day!

Once a boy wrote a special verse on the back of his card. "Roses are red, Violets are blue. I have a dog that smells like you." I gathered that he must have shampooed his dog a lot and the pet smelled mighty sweet.

I often splashed the "Blue Waltz" or "Evening in Paris" on my skinny wrist when I passed mom's dresser, especially, shortly before Valentines were dropped in the collection box at school. I enjoyed my fragrant space all day.

A couple of years ago my sister Sandra sent an order to Vermont's Old Country Store and purchased me a bottle of Blue Waltz. The scent was the same. I splashed a little from the heart shaped bottle onto my wrist shortly before Valentines Day. Paul picked up the scent and asked me if I had just bathed Tootie Mae. Imagine that!

I don't know what to tell you. Now I am depressed. Let's move on.

I hope you are enjoying this weather. I took a brisk walk in the sunshine this afternoon.

I told Paul I felt like a bird released from a cage, by mistake. I flew about in every which direction. Yes, the old walkers kicked into high gear without a hitch.

I am still dealing with health issues but today; feeling bad, felt better!

This old outdoor girl added a little mud to the bottoms of my tennis shoes and a few stick tights to the pant legs, two splinters in the tips of my fingers and lungs filled with fresh air.

Well, tonight when the doorkeeper went out to secure the barred rock hens for the night; he left the screen door ajar. Chickens flew out and about toward brush and brambles, into harm's way.

Again the walkers got a work-out. We decided to wait until dark and allow time for the escapees to roost. When evening shadows fell we slipped out into the darkness. Armed with old tricks, thrice tried tips and weak flashlights. In no time, we located the chickens settled down, in a woodpile.

The rescue was a complete success. There will be no broken hearts tonight. Now that's something to cackle about!

St. Happy Valentine's Day from me to you!

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