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County Council borrows money from itself

Thursday, February 9, 2012

During the February Clay County Council meeting, the council approved Resolution No. 1-2012, to transfer $1 million from the Rainy Day Fund to the County General Fund, effective Feb. 6.

"Nearly every year we have to borrow from ourselves to keep the county government running, and then we pay it back by the end of the year," Clay County Council President Mike McCullough said.

This year, the county started with $600,000 cash balance. Last year, the county began the year with $1.113 million cash balance.

The county doesn't have enough spending money at the beginning of the year because most of their money comes from property taxes, which isn't available until May. The county will borrow money from a different fund, such as the Rainy Day Fund, in order to keep the county running. The county always pays the money back after receiving the funds from property taxes. The funds must be paid back by Dec. 31.

During the meeting, Sheriff Mike Heaton said he wanted to have a meeting to discuss a new building to hold evidence, seized vehicles and other entities for the Sheriff's Department.

"It's the county's responsibility if something happens (to the materials)," Heaton said.

Council President Mike McCullough said he wants to know what size the building needs to be before anything can be decided. McCullough wants to meet with Heaton and the commissioners in order to discuss the issue.

Meanwhile, the council reduced unnecessary existing appropriations and the money was transferred to the necessary appropriations including to the assessor from software to contract labor at the amount of $5,400.

Also during the meeting, the council approved Ordinance No. 3-2012, a salary ordinance for 2012, for jail matron and jail cook.

Originally, the hourly rate was calculated wrong in the salary ordinance.

Additionally, the council discussed several additional appropriations, including:

* The council approved an appropriation of $26,528, from the County General Fund to the jail personal services, a continuation from last month in order to hire a new jailer,

* From the LOIT Public Safety Fund, the council approved an appropriation of $6,600, to reimburse the sheriff department's deputies for county use of their personal cell phones,

* The council approved an appropriation of $420,000 over three years from the new Reassessment Fund for 2015. The funds go to appraisal support services for an assessment in 2015, which is mandated. The funds are split into $105,000 for 2012, $155,000 for 2013 and $160,000 for 2014. The budget for 2015 already has $45,000 in it, which is why the funds for 2012 are lower than the other years. The last in-house assessment was in 1995, and

* Chris Smith, chairperson for the Substance Abuse Council, attended the meeting to seek funds of $4,000 for administration, $8,800 for prevention, $7,159 for treatment and $6,653 for justice.

"All this money comes from people who are arrested for drug, alcohol or tobacco offenses, so this is not tax dollars," Smith said. "We're funding the exact same programs as we did last year."

The council approved the appropriation.

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