2012 Primary Ballot

Friday, February 10, 2012

Candidates on the 2012 Clay County Primary Ballot

(Scheduled for Tuesday, May 8)

Democratic Party

President of the United States -- Barack Obama

United States Senator -- Joe Donnelly

Governor -- John R. Gregg

U.S. Representative District 8 -- Thomas Barnett

U.S. Representative District 8 -- William Bryk

U.S. Representative District 8 -- Dave Crooks

State Representative District 42 -- Mark C. Spelbring

State Representative District 46 -- James (Jim) R. Mann II

State Representative District 46 -- Charles (Chuck) Toth

Clay Superior Court Judge -- J. Blaine Akers

Clay Circuit Court Judge -- Joseph D. Trout

Clay County Commissioner District 1 -- Jack Withers

Clay County Commissioner District 2 -- Charles (Charlie) Brown

Clay County Commissioner District 2 -- Michael L. (Mike) Wilkinson

Clay County Coroner -- Amy J. (Solomon) Shelton

Clay County Council At-Large -- Chip Hoskins

Clay County Council At-Large -- Dolores Johnson

Clay County Council At-Large -- Roger LaPlante

Clay County Council At-Large -- William (Bill) Lovett

Clay County Council At-Large -- Michael McCullough

Clay County Recorder -- Joseph Mark Dierdorf

Democratic State Convention Delegates -- Frank E. Beasley, Roger LaPlante, Ellen L. Reeves

Republican Party

President of the United States -- Newt Gingrich

President of the United States -- Ron Paul

President of the United States -- Mitt Romney

President of the United States -- Patricia Inez Sandifer

President of the United States -- Rick Santorum

United States Senator -- Richard G. Lugar

United States Senator -- Richard E. Mourdock

Governor -- Mike Pence

Governor -- Jim Wallace

U.S. Representative District 8 -- Larry D. Bucshon

U.S. Representative District 8 -- Kristi Risk

State Representative District 42 -- Jim Meece

State Representative District 42 -- Alan P. Morrison

State Representative District 42 -- Bill Webster

State Representative District 44 -- James (Jim) Baird

State Representative District 46 -- Bob Heaton

Clay Superior Court Judge -- Robert Alex Pell

Clay Circuit Court Judge -- James Edward Deal

Clerk of the Circuit Court -- Victoria J. (Vickie) Wheeler

Clay County Commissioner District 1 -- Bryan K. Allender

Clay County Commissioner District 1 -- Gary D. (Catfish) Rickert

Clay County Commissioner District 2 -- Tony A. Fenwick

Clay County Surveyor -- Rustina Johnson

Clay County Surveyor -- John R. Keller

Clay County Coroner -- John D. Fagg Jr.

Clay County Coroner -- Joel R. Reinoehl

Clay County Council At-Large -- Patricia (Pat) Heffner

Clay County Council At-Large -- John Nicoson

Clay County Council At-Large -- Lisa D. Rickert

Republican Precinct Committeemen -- D. Mark Barnhart (Brazil 1), Stacy J. Gibbens (Brazil 2), Betty J. Clerk (Brazil 4), B. Lee Reberger Jr. (Dick Johnson), Paul R. Sinders (Harrison 2), Eric L. (Rick) Wyndham (Jackson 2), Marshall Nuckolls (Lewis), Jack D. Knust (Perry), Victoria J. (Vickie) Wheeler (Posey 1), Mark Adamson (Posey 2), Michael W. Heaton (Posey 3), Mary C. Brown (Sugar Ridge).

Republican State Convention Delegates (vote for 9) -- Toni L. Carter, Josh Clarke, Betty J. Clerk, Benjamin Wayne Close, Suzanne Close, Donna Dene English, Stacy J. Gibbens, Samuel N. (Sam) Glover, Dustin C. Jorgensen, Jack D. Knust, Jodi Pell Lohrman, Marshall Nuckolls, Gary D. (Catfish) Rickert, Paul R. Sinders, Eric L. (Rick) Wyndham.

Notes: While there are 15 candidates who have filed for State Convention Delegate, only nine will be elected to attend the state convention during the primary ... On the Republican side, precincts that did not have a candidate file for committeemen, the Republican Party Chair will appoint committeemen to the respective precincts.

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