Letter to the Editor

In opposition of new plant proposal

Sunday, February 12, 2012

To the Editor:

This letter is to share with everyone our concerns about the asphalt plant that is slated to go on the property at 2762 W. State Road 340.

Our concerns are for the health of our residents, our children and others in the area. The area will include the City of Brazil and surrounding areas. The amount of toxicants that the plant will be pouring into the air is a staggering amount. There are many people here who already have health concerns, and the asphalt plant will only add to their discomfort and will deteriorate their health.

Also, our property values will go down. The environmental issues are widespread.

The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL) has released two studies showing the adverse impacts on property values and public health for residents living near operating asphalt plants. A property value study documented losses of up to 56 percent as a direct result of an asphalt plant. I am sure all of you would not want your property to be devalued by 56 percent.

The BREDL door-to-door survey shows that 45 percent of the residents living within a half mile of a two-year-old asphalt plant report a deterioration of their health, which began after the plant opened.

Are you willing to risk your health? Or the health of your children? Northview High School and North Clay Middle School are only one-half a mile from the site of the polluting asphalt proposed plant.

A group of concerned citizens in the area are going to try and stop this plant from coming into this area.

We would appreciate your support and ask you to take a look at all the negative aspects of having this asphalt plant in the neighborhood.

This plant not only affects the immediate area, but it has far reaching dangers to the land, plants and water surrounding the area.

As members of this community, we would appeal to your sense of responsibility. We must all be good stewards of what we hold so dear: Family, health and home.

We must take action to preserve the environment and keep it safe for future generations as well.

Please join in the support for clean air, pollution free of toxicants, fresh air and safety.

Call your councilman and let them know how you feel about this type of business coming into your community.

It only brings health hazards, like breathing problems, cancer, skin disorders, and other health risks associated with those mentioned.

Check out the website www.BREDL.org for more information on asphalt plant pollution and the effect of the emissions on people, land, plants and animals.

Sherry and Allen Seward,