Clay City Council discusses flooding issues

Sunday, February 12, 2012

CLAY CITY -- During the Clay City Town Council meeting Thursday, Council President Guy Dickerson was not present because of medical reasons.

The meeting began with citizens representing the Clay City Senior Citizen Housing discussing a flooding issue, explaining the drainage on Lankford Street is not working properly. The problem causes water to build up in the parking lot, which freezes in the cold. This has become a hazard for the tenants.

"It does need to be fixed," Councilman Rob Freeman said. "We'll wait for better weather now. I recommend we cut the asphalt so it doesn't make it any worse than it is, repair or put new pipe in and look into another catch basin. We will fill it back up with rock."

During the meeting, the council discussed changing the city's meters and meter reader using a company called Utility Supply. The meter reader would be changed to a handheld tool, where numbers would not have to be written down. The new meters would be fully rebuildable. Each meter costs $116, with a total cost for the project being $76,000. The council mentioned taking out a loan for the project. However, the issue was tabled until the council can discuss all options.

Clay City Police Chief Terry Skaggs asked that residents call dispatch or the humane shelter when they have dog complaints.

"They're calling us, but we can't do a whole lot with dogs without knowing the owner or seeing the dog loose," Skaggs said. "The big thing is they need to call when they actually see the dog so they can explain where it is."

Skaggs also discussed parking near intersections with the council. They decided to paint yellow lines for no parking 20-feet from certain intersections. The council discussed adding handicapped parking on Main Street.

They also discussed a business in Clay City, Schepper's Used Cars, which has dumpsters and cars in areas they shouldn't be.

"I think he violates the law, you site him or haul the cars away," Town Attorney Chris Gambill said. "I think he's well aware of where the no-zone is. I think he waits to see if they are going to enforce it."

At the intersection near Schepper's, yellow lines will be painted 180-feet from the intersection.

Meanwhile, the council wants to buy a cell phone for the Clay City Utility Department to use during work hours. Clerk Treasurer Sue Booe said she would look into it.

Bids were opened for the guttering project for the 14th Street Building. The bids were as follows:

* From Paul Pennington, $1,330,

* From Chadwell Construction, $1,180, and

* Seamless Gutter Systems, $976.80.

The council approved Seamless Gutter Systems' bid.

Gambill discussed the town's small claims with the council.

"We entered into an agreement with Robert Bridgewater," Gambill said. "He's going to pay $50 a month. Sherry Brown had paid her account, but only after we filed suit."

He explained that she must pay the filing fee of $77 before the judgment can be released.

In addition, the following sewage adjustments were made:

* Clay City Park for January and February,

* Charles Orman,

* Max Fulk,

* Stephan Cooper,

* Clay City Pottery,

* Patty Moore, and

* David Sebastian.

The council changed its meeting time to the second Tuesday of every month. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 13, at 7 p.m.

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