Letter to the Editor

Deserving of front page

Monday, February 20, 2012

To the Editor:

As many probably know, Brazil has a lot of citizens and a lot of child molesters.

So, my question is, how are we supposed to keep our children safe if the headlines don't even make it clear who it is our children need to watch out for next?

In the past, child molesters, offenders and their stories were posted on the front page of the paper, so no one could mistake who they had to watch out for.

But now, they are only being listed in the court/police records section in very small print.

Come on people, we need these molesters who are a threat to our children posted on the front page so that everyone knows who they are and what threat they pose to our children.

Child molesters and murderers should have top priority to be placed on the front page over all the other headlines.

The individual who schemed many for their money and the men/women arrested in a drug bust are not near that much of a risk to our children as the many registered child molesters and those who are still getting away with this lewd and indecent act upon our precious children.

Let's take a stand and ask that our child molesters being arrested receive front-page news from now on so that we may be knowledgeable of who these men and women are.

Thank you so much.

Cynthia Moore,