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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The long underwear sure did not get a workout this winter.

Fact is, who knows what or which to wear from day-to-day.

Today, I chose a light spring jacket. Tomorrow, a raincoat and umbrella might be handy.

The winter coat remains close at hand, just in case.

Today, it's hard to think about anything other than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

How could I not think of those framers of America's history?

After reading about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and their accomplishments and touching on troubles, ups and downs, truth is I feel like they are kin to me.

George even looked like one of my ancestors, a female from Ohio.

A matter of fact, Abe sort of resembled and reminds me of an important fellow from my family tree -- men connected by common threads, including warpaths.

George and Abe loved the land, the water and the woods.

It was said that they both liked fruit and vegetables, hunted wild game, and owned domestic animals, including dependable horses. They could talk turkey, too.

Both enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. So what if George could waltz around the marble and charm the ladies. Abe stepped it up in more ways than one around pillar and post. That's why his pants were short. He did not want to trip.

Good ole boys in my opinion. Great presidents.

We celebrated the holidays; still, we did miss the mail.

I will miss the mail more if the U.S. Post Office keeps losing money, eliminates Saturday delivery and cuts other services that we need.

My computer is great for getting the messages out to my friends and relatives.

It is nice to create greeting cards and do many other things, but I would rather select my cards and pen my personal thoughts and sentiments inside. I like to write letters and receive them.

If a person is not worth the price of a stamp, I would not be writing them in the first place. I am left-handed. I had enough difficulty perfecting my penmanship, still a work in progress, to hand that pleasure to the keyboard completely.

Same goes with math. I ask myself, why did I learn how to count, multiply, divide, add and subtract.

If every time I need to work with figures, I grab the calculator. My math teachers, including Miss Lucia Pierce, would want me to use my head as I was taught to do back in the day.

Dad did not finish school; though, he could count.

He ran a feed business without an adding machine or a calculator.

The math whiz penciled long lists of sales figures on paper feed sacks and added them up, quickly.

They checked out every time. He retained taught and self-taught math skills until he died.

It is nice for me to have options, but unlike the post office, I can get by with or without help. They need our business.

They need letters -- lots and lots of letters and other mailings. Jobs are at stake.

We can have the best of both worlds if we stop to take time to smell the roses.

Sometimes, it is better to make do and make better than do without options.

Well folks, it is that time again. I must close.

My sister will be stopping by the little blue house at the end of the road soon. She spent the morning at Community East in Indianapolis.

There is evidence that cancer cells are present again.

In 2004, she was diagnosed with a rare type of thyroid cancer. She underwent surgery and recovered nicely. Since then, things went well, health wise, until now.

We wait for the results of the body scan and pray.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at my new e-mail address at pamsarq@frontier.com.