Letter to the Editor

Memories from 1959

Sunday, March 4, 2012

To the Editor:

Here is some more info about the past.

Terre Haute -- 1959 -- movie ads from Terre Haute theaters.

Grand -- Sat., Feb. 28, 1959 -- Giant Screen double action -- ends today.

Victor Mature in Escort West in Cinemascope -- United Artist -- Co-Hit Mamie Van Doren in Guns Girls and Gangsters -- 1 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 6:10p.m., and 8:50 p.m., Coming Sunday, Old Man and the Sea in Warnercolor.

Indiana -- Ends today -- two action hits -- Jackie Loughery in Hot Angel -- Paramount -- Charles Bronson in When Hell Broke Loose -- Paramount.

Coming Sunday -- Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker in Cinemascope -- Color By Deluxe -- Clifton Webb -- Twentieth Century Fox.

Feb. 28, 1959 -- Garfield -- 12 Points -- Matinee Today, 2 p.m.

Glenn Ford in Imitation General in Cinemascope -- MGM -- Co-Hit Robert Taylor in Saddle the Wind in Cinemascope and Metrocolor -- MGM -- 1.00 for the family -- 30 cents each with the movie ad.

2-28-59 -- Terre Haute Drive-In, open 6:30 -- Show 7:00 Children under 12 free -- Double action in Color -- Alan Ladd in Botany Bay in Technicolor -- Also -- The Savage in Technicolor with Charlton Heston. Free one gallon of standard gas to every ca.

Brazil -- 1959 -- Store ads -- Coats styled for 59' at the Fashion, W.E. Shefey we're into spring with new furniture and appliances. Brazil Store of Values -- Spring Value Event.

National Drug Store -- The Prescription Center -- Spring Specials.

Make Western Auto your Spring Garden Center.

Lucille's Shop Grand re-opening, prizes galore, located in the former Fox Theater Building, W. National Ave.

Wee Tots are ready for spring, K&T Electric also ready for spring.

Springtime is dreamtime -- Sentinal Savings and Loan.

More about Brazil, Clay City, etc., the next time.

Sometime soon, I will give my opinion on what's going on in this town, etc., now.

This is a leap year. Some people including my wife, were born on Feb. 29, which makes her about 20-years-old younger than our kids and grandkids. Just kidding.

Until next time, take care and be fair.

John Weddle,