Letter to the Editor

Everybody still needs God

Sunday, March 25, 2012

To the Editor:

It used to be a belief that everybody needs God.

Evil actions are becoming acceptable in the United States of America. Why have we allowed Christian morals to become swayed?

Where are the parents that used to teach these values described in the Bible to their children? Have we forgotten what is listed in the Ten Commandments?

How many of our young people understand why Jesus was sent to Earth and why we should obey the Bible's teachings?

Everybody needs God. Everybody needs to know God, walk with God, live with God, love God and especially, worship God. We were all made to live a life of worship in God's image. God sent Jesus to build the church for a reason. When God created humans, He gave everyone talents. Some people were given talents such as doctors to cure sicknesses, inventors for improvements for everyday chores, scientists to discover things that the common person doesn't think of -- such as atomic energy development of life by scientists using test tubes, etc.

Other abilities were literary, people to create music to be entertainers, ministers, missionaries, preachers, etc.

Countless improvements have been achieved since the primitive man's lifestyle. God created the world and everything in it.

It's our responsibility to live up to His expectations.

The life we enjoy living in the United States of America was founded on a Christian belief and lifestyle. Ask yourself, "How can we help recover that lifestyle?"

Take a look at today's national communities, economics, lifestyles and politics. It is time for a challenge for everyone to live up to our potential that God gave us.

Never before has there been so many Church Channels on TV that sends the Word of God to all parts of the world. Does this mean that last chapter in the Bible's teaching is near? God's word is spreading today like never before. Many things are being discovered by archaeologists and others that prove God's Bible is based on fact.

The Bible tells us about the flood that covered the world. It also mentions God's destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah -- it reminds us Lot's wife when she looked back was turned to a pillar of salt. We have a choice of Heaven or Hell here on earth. Many of us remember World War II.

The lies of Hitler led millions of people to be killed. What will become of the United States of America? Will our Earth be destroyed by fire in the future? Is it time for God to decide our future or will we mend our ways? God is merciful and loves us. God knows the future and are we living in a dangerously insecure time?

It's not the time to procrastinate. Actions speak louder than words. If all of us don't wise up, where will be wind up?

Nancy Mae and Alfred H. Mills Sr.,

Hammond, Ind.